Lucasfilm Lawsuit, Major Faces Legal Trouble For Indiana Jones 5
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Lucasfilm Lawsuit, Star Wars Major Faces Legal Trouble Over Indiana Jones 5

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BY July 22, 2023

The Lucasfilm studio could face a legal lawsuit over the movie Indiana Jones and Dial of Destiny. This is not because of a problem with an actor or a showrunner. The reason for this issue is because of one of the suppliers of this organization. The bag developer that Indy uses for his explorations officially sued the company.

The reason for the lawsuit is based on a promotion made by the studio using the company’s backpack for a competitor. Of course, this annoyed this small company, which immediately sued Lucasfilm. They are demanding compensation for what happened.

LucasFilm Sued Over Indy’s Backpack

German Army alpine Backpack as seen in Indiana Jones IV - a photo on Flickriver Image: Lucasfilm

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company Frost River started a lawsuit against the Lucasfilm studio. This is because they improperly used several items developed by the company to develop the movie Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny, which included a geology package.

Frost River has been producing the geology pack for more than 10 years. This includes a waxed leather backpack with a great finish, which would look great with Indy’s archaeological setting. 

This pack was used in several parts of the film. However, according to the Frost River complaint, Lucasfilm removed the tags from the backpack while it was travelling in Sicily. This would not go so far as the studio ran a campaign with the Filson company to promote both the products and the film.

This advertisement involved a 60-second clip combining images of their products with some images and clips from the film. Several of the scenes in the short film showed the geological packages allegedly from Frost River. This is the main reason for the lawsuit against the studio.

According to Frost River’s allegations, Lucasfilm misled the general public about the origin of these products, which would violate Section 43 of the Lanham Act, and is seeking damages for all damages incurred.

What could Happen in this Lawsuit Against LucasFilm?

Lucasfilm does not have it easy, even though the lawsuit paints a David Vs Goliath-style confrontation since it is a small company against a monster like Lucasfilm. However, if proven, Frost River’s allegations appear certain and could have serious financial repercussions for the studio. 

For the time being, Frost River is demanding at least $75,000 compensation for all the inconvenience caused by using its geological packages in the manner as mentioned earlier. To this, all the additional expenses should be added to clarify the issue of the origin of the packs and those generated by the hiring of lawyers.

This lawsuit will be something that Lucasfilm will not be able to avoid under any circumstances. Although Frost River requested $75,000 as a minimum amount for the damages caused by the illegal marketing campaign, there is a high possibility that the judge may award a higher amount than the amount requested by the company.   

For now, it seems unlikely that Lucasfilm will be able to save itself from this lawsuit filed by the company and will have to pay what was demanded or more. This would imply that the movie Indiana Jones 5 had more expenses than budgeted, about 400 million dollars if we count the expenses for the campaign led by Harrison Ford.

 To this, this production had a rather weak opening with only $130 million worldwide, which implies a big loss for the studio for this filming. 

Featured Image Via Lucasfilm

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