Harrison Ford Physique In Cannes "I Think You're Still Very Hot."
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Harrison Ford Physique For Indiana Jones 5 “I Think You’re Still Very Hot.”

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BY May 19, 2023

At 80 years old, Harrison Ford is still conquering the screen, and he was questioned by a reporter about his physique at the Cannes Film Festival. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was one of the films the festival premiered, and Harrison Ford had a very peculiar press conference. The actor and the rest of the cast and production team were present this Thursday, May 18, where viewers could see this filming.

Other highlights included the honors presented to Ford as he crossed the red carpet. This included wearing his character’s hat and an award he received moments after entering the auditorium. He also received a shower of applause from the rest of the festival attendees.

Indiana Jones Physique at 80 Reporter Tells Him “I Think You’re Still Very Hot.”

The Cannes Film Festival presented this Thursday, May 18, the film Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny. This was the first glimpse of the upcoming sequel to the franchise, which will have its official release in theaters worldwide on June 30.

The presentation of the next Indiana Jones saga was accompanied by its protagonist, Harrison Ford. During the press conference, a reporter questioned him about his excellent physique. The actor entered the facility accompanied by his wife, Calista Flockhart. Both were accompanied by the rest of the film’s cast with the background music by John Williams.

Executives from the companies involved in the development of Dial of Destiny included Bob Iger, head of Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, representing LucasFilm and director Steve McQueen.  

Dial of Destiny would not be the first Indiana Jones production to have its official premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. The fourth installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, appeared in the 2008 edition. However, it received poor reviews at that event, and it still grossed 790 million worldwide.

Among the expectations of this film, the directors expect it to have good reviews, along with a similar or better performance than the last movie. A unique aspect of Dial of Destiny is that it is the first of the installments that are neither helmed by Steven Spielberg nor credited to George Lucas. In his place is James Mangold, the filmmaker guiding 2017’s Logan and Ford vs Ferrari.

Harrison Ford Receives Honors and Compliments During the Event

Harrison Ford Physique Image: Variety

The event was riddled with emotional moments and some hilarious ones as well. This is normal since Lucasfilm presented the first installment of this saga in 1981, 42 years ago. One of the concerns was the age of actor Harrison Ford and his physique. The legendary archaeologist is already 80 years old. However, this did not stop him from receiving praise during the press conference.  

During the event, a reporter pointed out Harrison Ford’s good physique. The journalist told him, “I think you’re still very hot”. The actor took the opportunity to display his full arsenal of charisma and sex appeal by replying, “Look, I’ve been blessed with this body. Thanks for noticing!”.

But the compliments to Ford did not stop there. The actor received honors from the fans, and ovations welcomed him with applause upon his arrival, and many fans wore the characteristic Indiana Jones hat. He then received the Palme d’Or, an honorary award from the event’s committee.

Ford exclaimed that he was thrilled by all the honors he received from the fans, his colleagues and the event organizers. He also commented the following about a short film that was developed about his career: “I’m very touched. I’m very moved by this. They say when you’re about to die, you, you see your life flash before your eyes. I just saw my life flash before my eyes.”

Although Harrison Ford’s physique is in top form, this will be the actor’s last appearance as Indiana Jones. However, we will soon have Harrison Ford’s introduction to the MCU playing General Thunderbolt Ross. This character is the one who later transforms into the Red Hulk. So this may be another opportunity for Harrison Ford to show off his physique. 

Featured Image Via Lucasfilm 

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