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Laurence Fishburne MCU Character Will Return Soon

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BY March 25, 2023

One of Marvel’s forgotten characters returns. We refer to Bill Foster, played by Laurence Fishburne, who appeared in the MCU movie Ant-Man 2. This was commented on by the actor, who also forgot that he played the character in the production mentioned above. Strangely, the team led by Kevin Feige did not put Foster back on screen.

Other characters related to this were announced, such as Foster’s adopted daughter Ava Starr, better known as Phantom. She will appear in the next Thunderbolts movie, which will be available in 2024.

Laurence Fishburne MCU Character Will Return in Another Timeline 

Ant-Man 3: Laurence Fishburne Gives Update On Bill Foster's MCU Future Image: Marvel Comics

However, Bill Foster, portrayed by Laurence Fishburne, will be back in action in another universe or timeline. It seems that Marvel wants to exploit the Multiverse plot to the fullest and will show another of the alternate dimensions. The plot in question will take place in a different dimension. This scenario will feature Laurence Fishburne, where The Avengers were formed ten years before the main plot of the MCU.

As for the movie, Lauren Fishburne said in an interview that she would participate in the MCU in the series What If…? Her character will be Goliath, although she initially stated that she would call The Giant Man, but was corrected by Marvel production. In this plot, the scientist gets part of Dr Pinn’s formula. However, it only allows him to grow. 

The interview between Laurence Fishburne and the journalist talked about his return to the MCU:

“Fishburne: “I mean, they got my phone number so if they need me, they know where to find me.”

Pope: “I was shocked Bill Foster wasn’t in the new Ant-Man.”

Fishburne: “Ah, you know, Bill Foster shows up in ‘What If…?’ Yeah.”

Pope: “Oh, some voicework for that?”

Fishburne: “Yeah, yeah. Bill Foster shows up in ‘What If…?’ as Giant-Man actually. Yeah, it’s cool.”

As you can tell from this conversation, the actor comments on his role as Giant-Man. This may say that he would be the new version of Ant-Man in that reality or parallel plot. 

Laurence Fishburne’s hiring in the MCU was on the hot seat, so commented Stephen Broussard, Marvel executive. At the time, he said there was nothing concrete and that the good thing about Fishburne “is that you can go in two directions”. Considering the statements of the executive of this studio, the character and even the actor are not important to the plot that will build.

Information of the New Season of What If…?

Watch What If...? | Disney+ Image: Marvel Comics

In this new season we will see a reality where The Avengers were formed ahead of time. In this, Foster continued to work with Dr. Pinn, obtaining the particles that allow size increase. This would be Goliath, and we presume he can increase in size just like Ant-Man.

It will be interesting to see how this character increases in size and returns to his normal form. Likely, he will not have the power to shrink, unlike Ant-Man. In fact, we do not rule out this hero being Professor Pinn himself. It will also be interesting to see what stories and villains this new phase has in store for us, and what battles these mighty heroes will fight.

The second season is in plans, but Marvel does not confirm when this new instalment will be available. However, we know we will see this new production soon on the Disney+ platform.

A second appearance of Laurence Fishburne in the MCU may be in the Thunderbolts movie. One of the main characters in this story will be his adopted daughter, Ghost. For this reason, his character will likely appear in cameos. 

Laurence Fishburne is an excellent actor, and his participation in the MCU has been minor. However, now there is a new opportunity for them to exploit the character and give him greater relevance. 

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios 


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