Actor Jonathan Majors Trial Begins: Will He Face Prison Sentence?
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Actor Jonathan Majors Trial Begins: Navigating the Legal Landscape

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BY November 29, 2023

The entertainment industry has been shaken by recent news as the trial of acclaimed actor Jonathan Majors begins. The media raises questions about the possibility of a prison sentence for the rising star. Majors, known for his compelling performances in projects like Lovecraft Country and Loki, is facing legal scrutiny that has cast a shadow over his burgeoning career.

The criminal trial of the actor from Creed III and the MCU commences this Wednesday in Manhattan. The charges, relating to misdemeanor assault and harassment, stemmed from an alleged altercation with the actor’s ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in March.

What Charges is the MCU Star Facing?

What charges have been filed? There are a total of five charges. Of these, four are misdemeanors: assault in the third degree for recklessly causing bodily injury, assault in the third degree with intent to cause bodily injury to another person, attempted assault with intent to cause bodily injury to another person, and aggravated harassment in the second degree. The law defines the fifth count as an infraction, not a misdemeanor, and refers to harassment in the second degree with physical contact.

What Details Do We Have About the Events Surrounding Jonathan Majors’ Arrest on March 25?

The NYPD provided us with the information. Officers arrived in response to a 911 call from a Manhattan residence where a woman identified as Grace Jabbari alleged that she had been the victim of an assault by Jonathan Majors. Jabbari had been in a relationship with Majors for some time. However, she received medical attention at a hospital for minor head and neck injuries. Following the incident, Majors was arrested by police and subsequently released on bail. He also received the issuance of a temporary order of protection for Jabbari.

Jonathan Majors, who has pleaded not guilty, vehemently disputes the accusations through his legal representative, Priya Chaudhry. Chaudhry contends that Majors, rather than being the aggressor, initiated the 911 call himself due to Jabbari, also employed as a movement coach on Disney’s Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, experiencing what he perceived to be an “emotional crisis” that necessitated intervention. Chaudhry further asserts the existence of evidence exonerating Majors, including footage depicting Jabbari participating in activities after the altercation. She characterizes the Manhattan DA’s pursuit of the case as “a witch hunt.”

According to a comprehensive 115-page report released in October by the District Attorney’s office, prosecutors allege that Majors and Jabbari were in a private car service traveling from a Brooklyn event to their Manhattan residence. During the journey, Jabbari purportedly discovered a text on Majors’s phone reading, “Wish I was kissing you right now.” This discovery led to a physical altercation initiated by Majors, which allegedly involved him lifting her and throwing her back into the car after exiting, resulting in injuries including a fractured finger, bruising across her body, a laceration behind her right ear, and a bump on her head.

Actor Jonathan Majors Trial Begins: Will He Face Prison Sentence?

jonathan majors trial Image: Marvel Studios / Wikipedia Commons

Judie A. Saunders, a former NYC prosecutor, told to Yahoo Entertainment: “Just in general, when you think about the person’s criminal history, their context, I would think that this is not a case where he would be facing jail time,” Saunders says. “I would not expect there to be a request by the prosecutor for jail time.”

Although Jonathan Majors could face a jail sentence of up to one year if convicted by a judge, the likelihood of him facing jail time is relatively low. This is primarily due to the nature of the charges, as they are classified as misdemeanors rather than felonies. Additionally, the absence of any apparent prior criminal history for Majors will be considered. Another factor that will influence the legal outcome is the assessment of the severity of the injuries sustained by the victim.

The trial of Jonathan Majors is not just a legal matter. It is a story that raises broader questions about accountability, redemption and the complexities of navigating fame. As the process unfolds, the entertainment industry and its public will follow closely. We all hope for a fair resolution with two possible outcomes. The first is that Majors can continue to showcase his talent on screen. However, if he is guilty, he will face the full weight of the law and his inevitable downfall.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios / Grace Jabbary Instagram

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