Jonathan Majors Domestic Violence Case Trial Continues
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Jonathan Majors Appears In Court Surrounded By Woman For Domestic Violence Case

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BY December 4, 2023

The trial against Jonathan Majors continues in a day marked by the presence of women. Let’s analyze the timeline of events. 9:41 AM PT — Opening statements began in the Jonathan Majors domestic violence case. Here, prosecutors said they will present evidence from other cases of alleged abuse against Grace Jabbari. We later got to see her publicly for the first time since she made the allegations, leaving the courtroom for a brief recess.

Prosecutors say the alleged incidents include Majors throwing household objects against a wall. In addition, they say he ripped off her headphones while running and berated her.

7:32 AM PT — Turns out Jonathan grabbed Meagan Good’s hand once they were inside. Yet she wasn’t the only woman he held on to.

Jonathan Majors Appears in Court Surrounded by Woman for Domestic Violence Case

There was an older lady he was grabbing as well as they walked the halls of the courtroom, but they ignored questions from the media, including whether he felt like Job (from the Bible).

Jonathan Majors is back in front of a judge today as his assault trial kicks off in earnest with the commencement of opening statements. Accompanying him is his partner, Meagan Good, once again.

The actor arrived at a Manhattan courthouse early Monday morning for the trial’s first official day, following the completion of jury selection late last week. As was evident, Majors wore a great outfit. His outfit featured an elegant coat, a matching beret and sunglasses.

Notably, Meagan, his girlfriend, was right behind him, a consistent presence during last week’s court appearances, reaffirming her commitment to stand by him throughout the entire ordeal.

Although we could not see them holding hands at their entrance, it is clear that they present a united front, a stance they have maintained throughout the year despite repeated trial delays. Now, we are on the cusp of discovering the evidence prosecutors believe they have against Majors.

Recall that he is facing misdemeanor and assault charges. The motive: allegedly domestic violence towards Jonathan Majors ex, Grace Jabbari, who we also expect to testify in the case, although the timing of her appearance on the stand remains uncertain.

A Small Score for the MCU Actor

Regarding the evidence that the jury will be presented with, the judge made a significant decision last week. Specifically, the judge opted to seal what he called “inflammatory” material that the prosecutors sought to introduce into the record. Many suspect this material is connected to the London police report mentioned a few months ago.

The exact nature of the report was unknown, but there were suspicions that it might be related to a past incident. Regardless, the jury will not be informed about it, and the information will be withheld from the public. However, the judge did approve that he will inform the jury of Jabbari’s arrest. Although never faced prosecution in the way Jonathan Majors is currently facing for domestic violence.

From the outset, Majors has maintained his innocence and asserted that he is the real victim in this situation. He entered a plea of not guilty, and if convicted, he could potentially face up to a year behind bars.

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