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How Long Is FFXVI? Game Length Officially Revealed

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BY June 21, 2023

Final Fantasy XVI has been doing a lot to generate hype. They’re spicing up the combat to open up more creativity. And, the trailers look nothing but amazing. Now, we know how long the game is going to be. So, how long is FFXVI?

The game has gathered quite a bit of excitement. The launch trailer for the game’s release reveal was astonishing. Admittedly, launching as a PS5 exclusive is a bold move. However, the hype makes it look like a non-issue.

So, let’s see what we can expect.

How long is FFXVI overall and for everyone?

how long is ffxvi for most people How would the regular party last in FFXVI? (Image credit: PlayStation | Square Enix)

According to GameSpot, the game’s length varies greatly with your play style and goals. Therefore, the faster players can complete the game in about 30 hours. On the other hand, discovering everything in the game will take you 80 hours.

As usual, your experience will depend on how you play it. Some people prefer to stick to the main story and call it a day. Others like to dissect every bit of content in their games. Naturally, the former will take much less to complete than the latter.

How long is FFXVI only focusing on the story?

how long is ffxvi for casuals If you don’t want to become a raid boss, that’s OK too. (Image credit: PlayStation | Square Enix)

So, how long is FFXVI for those focused on the main plot only? Well, strictly sticking to the main quests will net you around 30 hours. Yes, it’s still pretty long. But, the game has dungeons, bosses, and more. That takes time.

However, some players still like to complete side quests. And, they’re pretty important in the 16th installment. In this case, you might take up to 50 hours to complete it. That’s the most likely experience for many. Moreover, side quests net you the Chocobo mount. Are you foregoing the Chocobo mount?

How long is FFXVI for hardcore completionists?

how long is ffxvi for completionists This is how the average completionist looks after a long day’s work. (Image credit: PlayStation | Square Enix)

Finally, we have those who want to squeeze out everything the game has to offer. That includes every bit of the side content. However, what you define as significant content for your completion may vary.

For starters, we have the Hunt Board. Hunting all the targets will take the experience up to 55 hours tops. These only offer extra XP and crafting materials. But, they won’t add a lot if you’re already done with the quests.

The combat challenges are a completely different story, though. These challenges grade your runs on dungeons and battles. To get top scores on all of them, plan for a dozen hours or so. Completing the New Game+ will also add another dozen hours. Overall, full-blown completionists are looking at 80 hours or more.

Which one are you? How long is FFXVI for you?

Featured Image Credit: PlayStation | Square Enix.

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