Hollywood Strike SAG-AFTRA Talks Fail To reach Agreement
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Hollywood Strike SAG-AFTRA Negotiations Halt After Failure To Reach Agreement

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BY October 12, 2023

Hollywood studios have decided to end strike negotiations with SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ union. This move is due to what they consider an insurmountable gap in labor talks. This is a significant setback in talks that were intended to end strikes in the entertainment industry.

According to the studies, the main point of contention lies in the SAG-AFTRA proposal to include an “audience bonus” in labor agreements. According to estimates, this bonus would have an annual cost of over $800 million. Unfortunately, the studios consider this figure unsustainable at a time when multiple challenges have hit the industry. Here they emphasize the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the worst stumbling blocks.

Key Issues in Hollywood Strike SAG-AFTRA Negotiations 

From the studios’ point of view, SAG-AFTRA has not budged on key issues under discussion. This misunderstanding has led to a stalemate in negotiations. The alleged lack of flexibility has made the talks even more difficult.

Hollywood strike actors’ spokespersons SAG-AFTRA reacted by accusing the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). They have pointed out that they used “bullying tactics” during the negotiations. In addition, the union claims that the AMPTP has deliberately exaggerated the cost of the audience bonus. They did this in their attempt to portray the SAG-AFTRA proposal as financially unsustainable. According to the actors’ union, the figure cited by the studios is 60% higher than what it would represent.

“These companies refuse to protect performers from being replaced by AI, they refuse to increase your wages to keep up with inflation, and they refuse to share a tiny portion of the immense revenue YOUR work generates for them. We have made big, meaningful counters on our end, including completely transforming our revenue share proposal, which would cost the companies less than 57¢ per subscriber each year,” the guild’s negotiating committee wrote.

This situation creates uncertainty in the entertainment industry. Labor strikes can significantly affect the production of movies and television programs. In addition, they will impact workers and the industry’s related economy. The fact that negotiations have been suspended without an agreement is a reminder of the industry’s challenges in finding a balance between workers’ demands and the economic realities of film and television production.

They added, “The companies are using the same failed strategy they tried to inflict on the WGA – putting out misleading information in an attempt to fool our members into abandoning our solidarity and putting pressure on our negotiators.”

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