Wolverine MCU Debut in DEADPOOL 3: Major Spoilers Revealed!
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Wolverine’s Explosive MCU Debut In DEADPOOL 3: Shocking Spoilers Unleashed!

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BY October 31, 2023

While Deadpool 3’s original release date in May 2024 might be in jeopardy, it remains one of the most anticipated and captivating additions to the MCU’s upcoming slate. The ever-expanding web of rumors surrounding Marvel Studios’ plans for the R-rated threequel has left us feeling a bit lost. However, the latest developments shed light on what’s in store for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and fans are eager to see his debut in the MCU.

Recent set photos hint at a storyline that takes our favorite antiheroes, Wade Wilson and Wolverine, into the enigmatic realm known as The Void. Additionally, persistent whispers have suggested that Deadpool 3 will introduce the TVA. This concept appeared in Loki series, the Time Variance Authority.

Deadpool 3 Plot Revealed! Loki has the Key to the Wolverine MCU Debut

As reported by MyTimeToSHineHello on X, Deadpool 3 delves into the intriguing plot of the TVA. The organization would gather the prime versions of various superheroes to assemble a formidable multiversal army to combat the enigmatic Kangs. In this mission, they will recruit the iconic Wolverine, portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

Nonetheless, as revealed by CanWeGetSomeToast, the film’s primary focus remains firmly on Deadpool himself. His misadventures with Cable’s time machine attract the unwavering attention of the TVA, leading to his capture. However, Deadpool becomes aware of the TVA’s ambitious plan to create a multiversal army. It ignites his determination to break free and persuade Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to join him and makes his debut on the MCU.

According to the latest scoop, Deadpool 3 will revolve around the TVA’s mission to recruit the PRIME versions of various heroes to assemble a multiversal army. They will need a superhero team capable of taking on the enigmatic Kangs. Their recruitment extends to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, though it seems he might not be entirely on board with the idea.

This revelation provides insight into Logan’s future within the MCU. Yet it also offers a clearer picture of where the Multiverse Saga is headed. The notion of a new “Guardians of the Multiverse” reunion has been circulating for a while. This concept would include characters such as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, referred to as the “prime” version of their respective selves.

The premise is undeniably intriguing and underscores the significance of Deadpool’s introduction to the MCU, as it ties into the future of this shared universe. Additionally, the prospect of witnessing Wolverine and Deadpool embarking on a Multiversal road trip promises a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, ensuring fans have an exhilarating experience to look forward to.

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