Werewolf by Night's First Reactions Revealed that it is a Hit
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Werewolf by Night’s First Reactions Revealed that it is a Hit

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BY October 1, 2022

One of the special projects that Marvel had reserved for a unique moment is having a fantastic pre-start. We are referring to the special that the major prepared for Halloween. Werewolf by Night’s first reactions revealed that it is a hit. This horror movie is set in one of the supernatural characters of this comic book universe.

The reviews are coming in on this production, and they are all positive. This success suits Marvel perfectly, considering how close we are to the holidays mentioned above. The film was praised for its quality, highlighting the graphic details, the setting similar to the old horror movies (black and white), and the violence unleashed there.

Other elements critics highlight are the performance of the protagonist Gael García Bernal. The performance reflects morbid violence, which perfectly matches his werewolf character. Many critics remarked that the actor exudes emotion in every scene he plays.

Finally, they say that Werewolf by Night is an innovative film. It has never been seen in the horror world until now, which says that we will have a terrifying night on Halloween, thanks to Marvel Studios.

Werewolf by Night’s First Reactions Revealed that it is a Hit

Werewolf by night marvel Image via Marvel Studios

The Werewolf by Night movie presentation reviews are coming in, and many are optimistic. Critics posted the various elements that stood out to them about the film and their general opinion, highlighting that it is a great movie in most cases.

One of the Werewolf by Night’s first reactions was from James Viscardi. The critic posted, “#WerewolfByNight is the MCU Halloween treat I was hoping for! A delightful ode to the classic monster movies with MCU-level stuntwork, production design & effects. LOVED the dynamic between Gael García Bernal & Laura Donnelly’s characters and oh my, does Harriet Sansom Harris make the most of an especially delicious role. A score AND directing win for Giacchino. Set design, creature effects, fight choreography, and B&W gore are all stellar and he & cinematographer Zoë White know JUST how to photograph them.

Another comment was from Perri Nemiroff, who posted the following in his review, “Werewolf By Night is a classic Hollywood monster movie that you won’t want to see end. SCARY and AWESOME, it’s one of the best things to EVER come out of the UCM. With Gael Garcia it’s thrilling to see the inner beast repressed. More of Jack Russell! What can’t Michael Giacchino do at this point.”

Werewolf by Night’s first reactions are very positive and call for more, both from the character and from productions of this type. The critics who made publications of this kind were Shahbaz and Daniel Baptista. They commented on the high level of detail, morbid violence, special effects, and retro horror set design, which was an excellent touch for them.

Man-Thing Becomes a Trending Topic 

r/Marvel - Man-Thing in Werewolf by Night? Image: Marvel Studios

One of the most liked characters in the film was Man-Thing. Among the Werewolf by Night’s first reactions, this character got the most praise from critics, so much so that he went viral on social media. Many commented that the level of terror the character produces is mind-blowing.

He is being cataloged on social media as the MVP of Halloween in different ways. The king of terror, among other nicknames or comments, given the participation of this character in the film.

They highlight his violence when chasing his victims without showing remorse, mercy, or any emotion, except for the thirst for blood. These elements have pleased the critics, especially those who are fans of the horror genre.

One of those who commented on the character was CBM, Rohan Patel. He commented, “Man-Thing steals the show.” Jim Viscardi, for his part, said, “The fact that casual Marvel fans are going to experience Man-Thing is a bit mind-blowing, but I can’t wait.”

Alan W. Cerny commented via the networks, “With WEREWOLF BY NIGHT, @MarvelStudios gets into the monster game. It’s a fun, surprisingly violent romp, and @m_giacchino knows his stuff and keeps it moving. Great score, too. And a great MAN-THING! #FantasticFest”.

Man-Thing charmed and scared critics so much that they flooded social media with positive reviews. So much so that it became a trend, and the comments about this character are still coming in.

What do you think about Werewolf by Night’s first reactions? We’ll read you in the comments.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios 



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