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The Nope Movie Trailer: First Look at The New Jordan Peele Movie

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BY April 16, 2022

Although he doesn’t have the longest filmography, Jordan Peele’s movies already feel like an event. And not just the movies themselves–the trailers are also exciting. Take his last movie, Us, for instance. I remember watching it at a family dinner and then immediately making everyone watch it again with me. Part of the reason for this reaction is, obviously, the past quality of Peele’s work. The other part, though, is how secretive Peele is about his projects. Until the trailer drops, we’re in the dark. We often get only a glimpse of a logo or something. Well, now we’re a little bit more illuminated, because we just got our first look at the trailer for Nope, the next movie from Peele.

What Do We Know About Nope So Far?

nope movie trailer composite image via materials from Universal Pictures

As with his previous films, we didn’t know a whole lot pre-trailer. We’ve gotten information on the cast, an image that essentially tells us nothing, and that’s about it. First, there is the cast. This film sees Peele reunite with Daniel Kaluuya, who, of course, starred in Peele’s first film, Get Out. Then there are the newcomers to the Peele Cinematic Universe. This includes Keke Palmer, who will next be seen in the film, Alice. It also includes Steven Yeun, whom we last heard in Invincible, as well as Barbie Ferreira (Euphoria) and Brandon Perea, whom you might know best for The OA.

The image, on the other hand, is less clear. The picture, the movie poster that you can see up top, gives me an immediate feeling of…huh. We’re looking at small-town America (probably) and they’ve got a problem (definitely). Specifically, there’s an ominous-looking cloud hovering above the town. Car dealership pennants trail from the cloud like a kite tail. Is it a freak (intentional or not) weather incident? Is someone finally brave enough to take on Big Cloud? I dunno. So let’s watch the movie trailer for Nope.

Trailer for Movie Nope Semi-Enlightening, I Say Like a Liar

Since we started off the last section by talking about the cast, it feels appropriate to begin this one like that, too. It also feels right because we meet Palmer and Kaluuya first. They are ranchers who train horses for Hollywood productions. It’s kind of a tradition, since one of their great-greats was the jockey known as “G. Domm” who appeared in The Horse in Motion, Eadweard Muybridge’s groundbreaking cabinet card series.

Palmer’s character is obviously very proud of the history. Kaluuya could be as well, but he’s definitely the more reticent of the two. (I also have no idea of the relationship between the two characters. It feels like they’re literally related, but this is a Jordan Peele movie, so I could be completely off.)

One night at their ranch, Palmer’s character is in the house, kicking back with some music. Kaluuya is outside with one of their horses. Suddenly, the power winds down, then Kaluuya sees strange lights in the distance, which are accompanied by the sound of people screaming. The horse nopes out of there (pun intended). All heck–sorry for the language–breaks out after that, including Kaluuya’s character questioning if there’s such a thing as a “bad miracle.”

So what’s going on here? Cowboys versus aliens? It would certainly seem as if that’s what we’re seeing, but there is likely so much more to the story. Again, remember the trailer for Us, which seemed to explain so much, but didn’t tell us the half of what was going on. But you look at it for yourself and tell me what you see in the clouds.

Nope will be in theaters on July 22, 2022.

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featured image via Universal Pictures


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