Susan Sarandon In Blue Beetle - The Actress Finishes Shooting
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Susan Sarandon In Blue Beetle – The Actress Finishes Shooting

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BY June 27, 2022

Today, Susan Sarandon posted a photo on her Instagram account, showing that she is currently in a city in Puerto Rico. In the caption, she wrote, “And that’s a wrap on Victoria Kord!” after finishing filming her scenes for the new DC movie, the Blue Beetle. Susan Sarandon in Blue Beetle will play the role of villain, giving life to Victoria Kord. The movie began its official filming on April 21, 2022. Images of the movie were leaked through social media, including the costume the main character would wear. The film is currently in postproduction and expected to be released on August 18, 2023. 

Part of the synopsis narrates the Blue Beetle’s version of Jaime Reyes. In this one, the hero’s powers come from an alien beetle which gives him the powers by merging with the young man. We will be able to see a Victoria Kord, trying to obtain the scarab, to get its capabilities and even reproduce it and possess a great army.

Susan Sarandon In Blue Beetle: Post an Ending Shooting Picture

Susan Sarandon Image: Instagram

Readers should note that the role of Victoria Kord was initially intended for Sharon Stone. But due to certain situations and Susan’s extensive resume, she was chosen for the role. Sarandon has an excellent career and reputation in Hollywood that began in the 70s. She began starring in the horror film Joe (1970). This was followed by her first film hit, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). In 1980 she was nominated for the first time for an Academy Award for the film Atlantic City.

Susan Image: Instagram

Sarandon’s career took off in 87 with her participation in The Witches of Eastwick. Eight years later, she would star in the film that brought her first Oscar for Best Actress in Drama. She won the prize the movie Dead Man Walking (1995). She would also win the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress and was nominated for a Golden Globe for this film. It would be amazing to see Susan Sarandon in Blue Beetle.

Currently, she has played several roles in series and movies. She participated in the movie Speed Racer as the main character’s mother. She was also in the cast of the Disney-produced comedy, Enchanted, and more recently, we could see her in the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

This recent success was part of why Susan will be taking on the role of Victoria Kord. If you are wondering who this character is, she is the movie’s villain. Although this antagonist does not appear in the DC comics, we can assume part of her involvement, considering the plot.

By the looks of her post, she seems quite relaxed with a picture of a beach in Puerto Rico in the middle of the sunset.

Blue Beetle, What we Know so far About the Movie

New Blue Beetle Movie, Jamie Reyes, Gareth Dunnet-Alconcer, Latinx, Angel Manuel Soto, DC Comics (Image: DC Comics)

If we start with the movie’s plot, we have that the version that is being developed is that of Jaime Reyes. Making him the first Latino hero in the DCU. In this version, we will see how Reyes joins the scarab in a symbiotic way. The scarab lives in his spinal cord and provides him with armor with alien weapons.

The film will have tie-ins with other individual DC productions such as Batgirl and Black Canary. It could even be the case that it was intended to be part of an introduction to a possible introduction to the Teen Titans. Considering that Batman was the one who recruited him. This team-up made him train in this group to become part of the Justice League later.


For now, we know who will develop this character and even leaked photos of the actor wearing the alien suit. The actor who will play Reyes will be Xolo Maridueña. You probably know him as Miguel Diaz, the character from the Cobra Kai series who trains with sensei Jhonnny and is looking for his father.

In a leak that occurred in May, we can see the actor in the alien suit on the film set. In the first image, we can see Xolo without the helmet, and the next one, entirely wearing the hero’s armor.

Another curious fact is that we may see James Reyes a little before the movie’s release. This is due to the confirmed fact that the character would appear momentarily in the Batgirl movie, although he would not yet have the powers.

featured Image Via DC Comics



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