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Elden Ring Theory Suggests Tragic Backstory

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BY June 27, 2022

Fans worldwide have been addicted to playing Elden Ring for several reasons. These include fantastic gameplay, enchanting visuals, and an exciting storyline. All of these features tie together to make one heck of a brilliant open-world game! However, an interesting Elden Ring theory suggests there’s a little more than meets the eye. Namely, it suggests a rather sad backstory to the jellyfish ghosts in the game.

Elden Ring Theory

Elden Ring Theory Image: FromSoftware/BandaiNamco

FromSoftware released the game only a few months ago and soon became a worldwide hit. Fans became obsessed with the gameplay, as well as the intriguing plot. The developers for the game left plenty of crumbs to hint at possible backstories for some of the characters. Some of these remain hidden, and it was up to the fans to create their own Elden Ring theory to explain some details. Although they might just be theories, these different ideas help to expand the game’s lore. They also make the world a little spookier.

One of these latest ideas comes from the Reddit user FreeWatercressSalad. They came up with a theory about two jellyfish spirits, which you can see in Stargazers’ Ruins. Two graves are nearby where players can see the spirits. If players check the graves, they can read the inscription, “Here lie Aurelia and Aureliette, who never saw the stars.” 

Clearly, these graves are meant to honor the lives of two girls in the game. Given the similarities in their names, it’s highly likely that these are sisters. If you interact with one of the jellyfish, they mention how they want to “see the stars” alongside their sibling. This makes it apparent that this Elden Ring theory is true. The two sisters, who were jellyfish, died before they could travel. Instead, they were left to wander the world of Elden Ring as spirits. 

ER Game Jellyfish

Elden Ring Theory Image: FreeWatercressSalad (Reddit)

Whatsmore, there’s further evidence to support this Elden Ring theory. If players wait by the jellyfish, a sound will eventually play. It’s a female child’s voice, speaking quietly as she tries to find her sister. Other players have suggested that the jellyfish appear during the night only. This would help to support the idea that they are looking for the stars.

Additionally, jellyfish have a lot of symbolism in the outside world. The moon jelly’s scientific name is “Aurelia Aurita,” which is very similar to the sisters’ names. Additionally, they represent ideas of “survival, pain, and hidden strength.” It doesn’t take a genius to see how this connects to the tragic story of the sisters!

Outside of this Elden Ring theory, there’s also another use for these jellyfish. Players can use the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes to summon the jellyfish during the battle. Only Aurelia appears to support the player, although she isn’t the greatest help. Jellyfish take a while to engage in action, meaning that enemies can quickly overwhelm them as they prepare to attack.

Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring Theory Image: FromSoftware/BandaiNamco

This Elden Ring theory goes hand-in-hand with the dark nature of the game. Plenty of other theories about characters in the game are just as sad. Even so, that hasn’t stopped fans from falling in love with the game. In fact, many critics gave the game rave reviews, praising its somber storytelling and addictive gameplay. IGN and Gamespot gave the game a 10/10, praising the world-building and characters. 

However, the success of the game hasn’t just been critical. When FromSoftware released Elden Ring, it became the biggest launch for a video game in over a year. The last game to take this award was Call of Duty: Vanguard from November 2021. 

There’s no word at the moment if this Elden Ring theory about Aurelia and Aureliette is true. It’s also unlikely that FromSoftware will ever confirm it. Despite this, fans will certainly remember their tragic backstory as they continue to play the game. Perhaps in a future update, players can finally send the pair to the stars as they dreamed.

What are your thoughts on this Elden Ring theory? Are you enjoying Elden Ring and its intricate storytelling? Do you have any interesting theories of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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