Best Call Of Duty Vanguard Tips and Tricks for Beginners
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Top 10 Call Of Duty Vanguard Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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BY April 20, 2022

New players are looking for Call Of Duty Vanguard Tips that can help them progress through the game easily. Vanguard differs significantly from past Call of Duty games, so even seasoned veterans will have a great deal to learn this time through. This is why we are sharing the top 10 Call of Duty Vanguard tips and tricks for beginners that can make your work easier.

Call of Duty Vanguard Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Start With The Campaign

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran with hundreds of hours under your belt or a first-time Call of Duty player, you can never go wrong by starting with the campaign. Vanguard’s campaign is not just a thrilling adventure, but it’s also a great opportunity to get a sense of the overall environment of the game.

Many of the firearms you’ll employ in multiplayer will be covered as well. You’ll be ready to go online after your fingers have warmed up and your muscle memory is blazing on all cylinders.

Play Zombies Online

Bringing a new weapon into multiplayer seems thrilling, but without the advantage that attachments provide, players are essentially signing up to die again and over again. Getting a solid loadout for the SVT-40 is beneficial, but when players lack half of what they require, games become protracted and wasteful.

Instead, play a few rounds of Zombies. One single game played up to wave twelve on a double experience weekend will easily obtain a weapon from zero to level twenty-one, sufficient to have at least one accessory in each slot.

Select Your Sensitivity Level

It should go without saying that tinkering with your game options is crucial to multiplayer gaming success. That’s especially true in Call of Duty: Vanguard, where players may tweak a variety of settings that impact everything from the depth of field while shooting to what music is played through which stream.

Regrettably, determining the options that work best for you is a process of trial and error. The best method to experiment with different parameters is to load them into a private custom game. This way, you may try out different configurations without affecting your death ratio.

Your aim sensitivity, which influences how sensitive your character motions are dependent on the position of your thumbsticks or mouse, is one of the first options you’ll want to tweak.

Turn Off The World And Weapon Motion Blur

Turn off both World Motion Blur and Weapon Motion Blur in your options menu to get a competitive advantage. It may create a more theatrical experience for the game, or it may be unpleasant and unattractive, depending on your preferences.

In any case, after you’ve entered multiplayer, motion blur in the surroundings and on your weapon can make it much more difficult to spot targets when moving about the battlefield.

Killstreaks On The Cheap Are Frequently A Better Option

You would want to master Call of Duty, racking up high kills and calling in the finest killstreaks in every battle. However, for the average player, aiming for cheaper killstreaks is usually more effective, as you’ll nearly always have a chance to utilize them. Consider sticking to them to get a better advantage in the game.

Try With New Gear

It’s fairly uncommon for specific load-outs or weapons to become popular in multiplayer, particularly in the early days of a new game’s debut, while the balance is still a work in progress. But don’t get caught up in the idea that you have to play with the current meta weapon.

Experimenting with different guns, mods, perks, and killstreaks to see which ones work best with your play style and preferences has a lot of value. Weapon unlocks staggered based on your overall level of development.

Even if you don’t like the STG-44, the first widely accessible assault weapon, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a game cycle where you’re hiding in the rear of the map with an LMG. Work with what you have, but don’t be hesitant to try out new weapons as they become available.

Have A Variety Of Loadouts

It’s time to unleash on the multiplayer maps after you’ve mastered the zombies. However, having one pistol ready to fire is insufficient. Because of the variety of locations and modes, certain weapons will be fantastic one moment and terrible the next.

Prepare a couple of load-outs that are ready to go. Consider taking an SMG or shotgun on maps with a lot of close quarters and debris. An assault rifle is ideal for use in hallways and buildings. Marksman and sniper weapons are a player’s best friend when dealing with large fields and lofty structures.

Killstreak Rewards that are Attainable

It’s easy to get tempted by killstreak incentives with high kill criteria. These prizes are usually more powerful than the initial killstreaks and have the potential to affect the outcome of a game. Despite their strength, they are frequently not worth the price.

Keep in mind that the usual ratio of elimination to death is 1:1. It’s a lofty ambition to get three kills in a row. Trying to get any higher than that is an insane aim to strive to achieve on a regular basis. Many of the game’s best maps benefit from multiple smaller killstreak awards rather than just a few large ones.

Try Out Any Attachments In Private Matches

One of the most appealing points of Call of Duty: Vanguard is the sheer quantity of attachments available. Many weapons feature up to 70 distinct attachments, which might take a long time to acquire. Because this game may be so tedious, it’s best to play in a private match where all attachments are accessible by default.

That way, you can put each one to the test to determine if it’s worth the effort. You’d be shocked to learn which attachments function well and which ones don’t. In private matches, you have complete freedom to test out any attachment in the game.

Examine Each Map

One of the finest things you can do to enhance your long-term numbers within the first few days after a new Call of Duty release is to carefully study the map layouts. Even if you’re simply a casual player, knowing the layout of each map, such as where the choke spots are and how to counter dominant positions like sniper nests, is beneficial.

Once again, beating the opposition requires you to play to your strengths, so figure out which side of the map is most suited to your playstyle and adhere to it whenever feasible. When you get a good grip on each of the maps, you will know what is there to find and what to do, and how you would do it.

Things will eventually get easy for you once you study each map and know where to hide, where to attack, and where to land with your team. If you don’t work well on your map understanding, you may not make good progress in the game because your enemies for leaving you in peace.



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