Elden Ring Datamine Video Sheds Mysterious Colosseums
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Elden Ring Datamine Video Sheds Further Light On Those Mysterious Colosseums

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BY April 28, 2022

One of the numerous mysteries discovered throughout Elden Ring is the function of the strange coliseums dispersed around the Lands Between, which players are still puzzled about nearly two months after the game’s release. They wonder about New Elden Ring Datamine Video Sheds Further Light On Those Mysterious Colosseums.

However, a data miner recently unearths information hidden in the game’s files that throw further insight into these venues; as well as about what might is useful in it before the whole idea is perhaps eliminated from the game.

Elden Ring Datamine Video Sheds

A new look inside the Lands Between’s conspicuously locked colosseum doors has shown more of what creator From Software may have had planned for the now inactive structures during construction. One data miner determined that Elden Ring’s coliseums may be more PVE than PVP after combing through the game’s files with the assistance of a map editor.

Elden Ring gamers will be familiar with three massive colosseums on the map; one just beyond Stormveil Bridge, another jutting out from Caelid’s shoreline, and a third high above Lyndell, Royal Capital. Almost everything the Tarnish may see in the Lands Between and you can explore at some point during their trip. The coliseums at Limgrave, Caelid, and Lyndell are among the most notable exceptions to this rule.

Since the game’s debut at the end of February, players have speculated about their function; with some fans speculating that these locations would have a PVP focus and release as DLC. McDonald emerged in a spacious arena overlooking a gorgeously depicted viewing area after exploring a series of convoluted corridors beyond one of the colosseum’s closing walls.

While some assume that the arenas are for PvP play at some time in the future; a new investigation has shown that there may be more to it.

Colosseum Leindell Guide By Sekiro

Elden Ring data miner Sekiro Dubi recreated the area as planned using a DS Map Studio map editor and connections to the Lindell Colosseum files; uncovering a few additional surprises along the way.

You can find the Place of Grace in a torch-lit passage which is rather oddly familiar with the “bonfire return point” in the game; Maybe you don’t know that Leindell’s Colosseum is definitely a plan area this is a prominent destination at one point that you can find directly outside the building’s main door.

The player can next go along meandering passages to the arena proper, where Sekiro Doubi has uncovered two unused foes. It’s unclear what are their actual roles, but on basis of their titles; Grand Gladiator and Old Lion of the Arena. They fight at some time; either against one another or against the player, by taking two elevators up on opposite ends of the square.

These areas may also appear in a DLC set before the events of Elden Ring, according to Sekiro Dubi. This would be nothing new for the developer and would follow in the footsteps of the Artorias of the Abyss DLC from the original Dark Souls.

That, too, had a significant coliseum setting, which you can use occasionally for PVP fighting; but not necessarily in an official capacity. Elden Ring’s mysterious coliseums are massive, taking up substantial space on an already densely inhabited landscape. With this in mind, it seems odd that they leave it in the game without a function.

This was a discussion about New Elden Ring Datamine Video Sheds Further Light On Those Mysterious Colosseums. While no DLC has been revealed as of yet; considering From Software’s track record; players can expect them to engage in some way. However, if Sekiro Dubi’s discoveries are any indication of how they can use them; the developer will be venturing into unexplored terrain.



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