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Top Gun: Maverick Is 2022’s Highest-Grossing Film 

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BY June 27, 2022

Despite the adversities in its production, the movie Top Gun: Maverick is breaking the box office record this 2022. The film has so far grossed $1006 million internationally, breaking the record held by Dr. Strange 2, which grossed 947 million.

The total gross had its primary source of income in the United States, where it managed to collect 521.7 million dollars. In the rest of the world, it obtained 484.7 million dollars. That is a remarkable success considering the film is pure action without special effects. Also, we must remember that it began filming during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Top Gun: Maverick, the Highest-grossing Film of 2022

For some, the film’s success was due to excellent production and a touch of luck. The truth is that the work Paramount did, both in the filming and promoting the movie, was incredible. The budget for the production and marketing of the film was $170 million.

Paramount Pictures split the budget in the filming equipment brought to San Diego. The equipment used was Sony Venice 6K Full Frame cameras with IMAX certification. Filming took place aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Theodore Roosevelt, anchored at the North Island Naval Base.

A total of 8 types of aircraft were used in the film. The models used were Boeing F-18E Super Hornet, Lockheed-Martin F-35C Lightning II, SR-72 Darkstar, Grumman F-14 Tomcat, Northrop-Grumman E-2 Hawkeye, North American P-51D Mustang, Sukhoi SU-57 “Felon,” Mil-Mi 24 “Hind.”

Top Gun: Maverick Debut Image via Paramount Pictures

Another part of the expenses went to the marketing work done by Paramount, in conjunction with Tom Cruise. The film’s star traveled to various cities such as Cannes, Seoul, Japan, Korea, Barcelona, Mexico City, London, and of course, San Diego, where the film was shot.

One of these activities was Cruise’s participation in the San Diego Comic-Con. At this event, he showed a short movie teaser, which the entire audience loved. Some fans even compared it to Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.

The effort paid off in different parts of the world; even this week, it has a significant collection. In Korea, Top Gun: Maverick grossed $12.9 million this week; in Japan, it earned $51.1 million, while in London, it reached $78.7 million. France earned $28.8 million and Germany $23.4 million. With this, it continues to lead the collection even with remnants, as in Japan.

An Adventure That Began in 1986

This adventure began in 1986 when the first Top Gun movie was released. Its success was out of series and impacted the general public tremendously. The first film, also starring Cruise, grossed approximately $356 million at the time, with a budget of only $15 million.

Between the two plots, we see that approximately 30 years have passed since the events of the 86 movie. We see that Maverick (Cruise’s role) is still active and ready to continue flying and live new adventures in the air.

Twenty-two years later, another movie with better filming tools and following the same action takes place. This sequel that took time to arrive had several setbacks because it was filmed during COVID-19. Other challenges to overcome include the case of Val Kilmer, who, in 2015, had a tracheotomy in his throat, due to Cancer. Kilmer did the impossible after hearing about the possible filming and returned to his role in this sequel alongside Cruise. Due to his situation, they used artificial intelligence for the voice. However, both actors fulfilled their goal of participating in this sequel.

Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise Image via Paramount Pictures

Cruise, on his part, seems to be constantly producing renowned and stunning movies. Not only for Top Gun: Maverick but for all the editions of Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher, The Mummy, Edge of Tomorrow, and The Last Samurai.

What’s incredible is Tom Cruise’s willingness to work in front of the cameras and behind them. Cruise was a crucial part of Paramount’s marketing strategy. He had to do a lot of traveling and participate in various events to promote the film.

Cruise continues to do an outstanding job in the film world, both on and off the set. We will have to wait for his next hit and enjoy him again on the big screen.

Featured Image via Paramount Pictures



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