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Streaming Channel Guide Connects All Subscriptions To One Place

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BY March 24, 2022

Managing your streaming services is sort of tricky in 2020. For starters, you have a ton of subscriptions to different sites. Each subscription service or streaming channel has its own app too. That usually means you can’t just simply look to one place for information on what to watch. With HBO Max joining Netflix, Disney+, and a slew of others, it’s tough to keep up with every new addition or title coming to your favorite platforms. I decided to check out Just Watch, a streaming channel guide that organizes everything in one place. I’m happy to report back some really great features I plan on using regularly for my entertainment and streaming habits.

Perks of a Streaming Channel Guide

Streaming Channel Guide Image Credit: Just Watch

It’s clear that streaming is on the rise in big ways. Even before COVID-19, more and more people cut cable subscriptions in favor of individual subscriptions. Now, streaming numbers are up in a big way because people spend more time at home. Just in my home alone, we have spent more time discovering new shows and movies than ever before. The stress of these past months means more people seeking out a form of escapism to relieve their minds of anxiety. Unfortunately, it’s just as stressful sometimes to find something to watch. I know I’ve actually just turned the TV off completely because there were almost too many choices. I also don’t really love scanning each individual app for hours on end. That’s the exact reason Just Watch exists.

As a streaming channel guide, Just Watch allows users to browse a personalized collection of shows available to them. Making an account takes seconds and then the set-up process is easy. Firstly, you’ll choose what streaming services to which you have access. It’s nice that the app includes free channels as well as paid subscriptions. Plus, as a huge library advocate, I was happy to see Hoopla and Kanopy on the guide as well. Then, you can choose a set of titles you enjoy. I only chose about 10 films and TV shows I enjoy from the recommendations list and suddenly saw thousands of titles that might interest me.

Keeping Up with New Titles

Streaming Channel Guide Image Credit: Just Watch

There are options on Just Watch to look at free, paid, and rented content. The latter is an awesome way to avoid the clunky layout of things like the Google Play or Amazon Rental store. I also subscribe to two anime services, and finding new titles in those apps can be a hassle as well. Just Watch is an easy way to navigate all of your subscriptions in the streaming age. I don’t think I’m alone in seeing something like the new HBO Max June movie additions and think, “where do I even begin?” If you want, then you can simply look at the recommended titles offered to you. Just Watch goes one step further though as well.

On the main page, you can find a section at the bottom that highlights moods. The typical topics are there but in highly tailored categories. Instead of comedy, you can find titles to help you laugh. You also have even more specific items like learn, motivate, and empathize. These are personalized recommendations to intimate feelings towards the things we watch.

No More Searching Endlessly For a New Favorite

Streaming Channel Guide Image Credit: Just Watch

I find myself wearier and wearier of recommendations from friends. I find that even my friends with whom I share interests and favorite shows have completely different tastes. Something that stands out to me about Just Watch is the ability to find shows for your interests exclusively. Netflix algorithms and Prime Video recommendation methods are rarely ever the way I find out about shows. I often feel like the recommendations from streaming apps push their shows on me rather than connect me to what I like. Just Watch does the opposite and helps to define shows for me that meet my interests. Plus, by choosing my subscription channels, I only see shows available to me.

I haven’t had Just Watch for more than a week, and I’m already watching two shows from the streaming channel guide’s recommendations. I think it’ll be a great way to keep up with new shows and find old favorites I missed. Feel free to check out the guide for yourself and see if it helps you find a new show or movie!

Featured Image Credit: Just Watch

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