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Setting Up a Fantastic Media Room at Home

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BY July 3, 2020

Whether you’re a gamer or movie buff, Netflix addict, board game lover or have any kind of hobby, a cool media room is a good use of empty space at home. Whether it’s somewhere to sit and relax by yourself or to invite friends over, here are the basic elements you need for a top class home media room. 

Choose the Right Decor for You

In a home media room, dark colors are the way to go as it helps you to focus to be on the screen when you lower the lights. This is why your local cinemas are kitted out in the same way, it adds to the experience. Forget light and bright, painting the walls and ceiling in a darker color will help to make your own little media sanctuary even better. Blackout curtains and blinds can help you to keep glare off your screens too.

Choosing the Right Screen for Your Home Media Room

home-theater Image by GSloan via Flickr

The main feature of your media room will of course be your screen. You can get a projection screen that feels like a movie theater. Most new TVs are now ‘ultra HD’ giving you the best viewing experience. Whether you want to watch movies, stream TV, watch physical media, or hook it up to your console or computer system- you won’t go wrong with this kind of quality. Look into the best Kodi VPN options to watch on your high end screen. (Though, make sure you what you watch, you watch legally. Support artists and storytellers.)

Make Sure Your Sound Is Top of the Line


A high quality screen is important, but your sound system is something not to overlook too. The right speakers will make any gaming or movie watching experience the best it can be- there are loads of options these days, from big and beefy to small and discreet. Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Sonos systems are also great for these kinds of rooms and as a bonus allow you to do things like control lights, temperature, play music and more.. 

A Good Desk and Chair Makes a Home Media Room Even Better


Go with the largest desk that will work in the space, this will allow you to be far more comfortable rather than cramped. You could have multiple screens and there would be room for friends when they come and join you too. If you’re a console gamer, a gaming chair or a sofa and a tv screen might be your best bet. 

Games Are Media Too


Speaking of gaming consoles, even if they’re not your usual platform they can be a fantastic addition to a media room. They allow you to play with friends as well as online, and it might be a chance to experiment with some different types of gaming too. Remember to check Comic Years’ Gaming section to see what the best titles for you can be. 

Home Media Room Extras


Things like a pool table (if you have the space), a dartboard, and a mini bar all make the space great for socialising in. So if it’s somewhere you want to sit with friends then consider these kinds of extras for when you need a break from your binge-watching or gaming marathon!

Remember, no matter what gear you get or decor you choose, your home media room should reflect what you like to do and how you like to relax.


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