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Resident Evil Film Reboot Set to Release This Summer

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BY April 18, 2021

It’s impressive that Resident Evil still plays such a high-profile role in popular culture. Overall, the series stayed relevant for much of its ongoing 25-year run. The games are great, and there is a fanbase for the films as well. The original run of Resident Evil movies from 2002-2017 yielded six films. Star Milla Jovovich and writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson made a great team and eventually even got married. It’s not like those films didn’t do well either. The last entry in 2017 grossed almost $307 million on a budget of $40 million. Still, things felt in need of a fresh start, even if you did enjoy the films as I and so many others did. Well, we didn’t have to wait long. A new Resident Evil film reboot is releasing this year and a summer release date is now confirmed. Here’s what we know about the project.

What to Expect from the new Resident Evil Film Reboot

resident evil film reboot Image Credit: Capcom

2017’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter wrapped up the six-film series quite well. Still, one can’t expect a massive franchise like RE to stay away for too long. The games surely aren’t slowing down by any means. After incredible remasters of the early games, particularly the award-winning Resident Evil 2 remaster, the series is more popular than ever. Not to mention the current, new games are just as great too. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (retro review here) offered an incredible story and bone-chilling moments of action. Now, Resident Evil Village is seeming like one of the biggest releases of the year.

The Resident Evil Village release date of May 7 should bode well for the new film reboot. If the game succeeds like we think it will, then stock in the franchise should be high by the now announced release date for the film. Actor Chad Rook, who will play Richard Aiken in the film, showed off a flashy announcement image on Twitter to kickstart anticipation for the project. The new film involves a brand new cast of characters who will star in a retelling of the first two games in the series. One carryover from the old films is Constantin Film producer Robert Kulzer, who worked on all six of the other movies.

Refresher Course: What Awaits in Raccoon City?

resident evil film reboot Image Credit: Constantin Films

If you haven’t played the games or seen the films, then you’re probably wondering what Resident Evil is about. Even if you have experience with the franchise, a spoiler-free refresher never hurts. The first game takes place in 1998 in the fictional town of Raccoon City. A series of murders take place and the local police department is sent to investigate what’s happening. Immediately running into bizarre threats and danger, members of the team seek shelter in an abandoned mansion to try and figure out what’s going on. It’s in the place they sought safety that they discover an array of monsters, including zombies, that are to blame for the destruction happening in the town.

Director Johannes Roberts spoke about the film’s tone when it was first announced in a really interesting way. Sure, this is a zombie thriller with a surprisingly great story attached. Roberts explained, however, that “at the same time, I am telling the story of a small, dying American town that will appear both familiar and relevant to today’s audiences.” Given the financial turmoil brought on by COVID-19, this film could really hit home in some unexpected ways this summer. The film’s release date is September 3.

Update: The release date of the Resident Evil movie reboot was moved to November 24, 2021. 

Featured Image Credit: Capcom


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