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New Christopher Nolan Movie to be Oppenheimer Biopic

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BY September 12, 2021

After Tenet, which was…certainly a film, the new Christopher Nolan movie will be something a little more old-fashioned. Or at least, older in time. The Dunkirk director will be returning to WWII for a biopic about physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer.

(Note: Since we have no photos of the new Christopher Nolan movie and photos of the real Oppenheimer are a staid affair, I’m going to spice things up with pics of WGN’s late, great show Manhattan, which was about similar topics.)

Who Was J. Robert Oppenheimer?

the new christopher nolan movie Daniel London as Oppenheimer on Manhattan, image via WGN America

As an expert on WWII scientists–okay, I’m an expert on one WWII scientist–it’s strange to think about not knowing Oppenheimer. However, we live in a world where folks are sucking down horse medicine, so let’s do this. (Obviously, this is going to be a very abbreviated version.) Anyway, as I said, he was a physicist. And he probably would have gone on being a regular degular physicist if it weren’t for the small fact of the Second Great War.

In October 1941, before the war was even a twinkle in the American eye, President Roosevelt gave the green light to an atomic program. Once the war began, things accelerated rapidly, as you might expect. To that end, the Army started the Manhattan Project, their development program for an atomic bomb. Brigadier General Leslie R. Groves chose Oppenheimer to head their new weapons laboratory, which they established in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Fast-forward through a lot and we get to Trinity, the first successful test of a nuclear explosion. As the bomb rippled throughout the desert, Oppenheimer thought of a lovely verse from the Bhagavad Gita about “the radiance of a thousand suns.” As he explained later in a TV interview, though, he was also thinking about another verse.

“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” Yikes, let’s move on.

The New Christopher Nolan Movie Still Seeking a Studio

Nolan apparently has a screenplay, but he hasn’t settled on a studio yet. His past movies, by the way, were products of Warner Bros. However, Deadline reports that he might be looking for a new partner because he was upset about the plan to release concurrently the 2021 Warner Bros movies on HBOMax.

the new christopher nolan movie John Benjamin Hickey with London, image via WGN America

WarnerMedia did release Tenet solely in theaters, just as Nolan wanted. Still, though, it seems as if he might be holding a grudge. But we’ll see, just as we’ll find out if Deadline‘s sources are correct regarding Cillian Murphy’s possible involvement in the new Christopher Nolan movie.

What do you think about Christopher Nolan doing an Oppenheimer film? Tell us on our social media or in these comments.

featured image via public domain and National Archives


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