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JK Simmons May Return As Commissioner Gordon in ‘Batgirl’

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BY April 19, 2022

Some actors seem to appear in everything. One of our favorites that fit this category, JK Simmons, also has a habit of reappearing in roles that we thought he was done with, like J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and later in the MCU flicks. The latest reappearance of JK Simmons may be in Batgirl, where he is in talks to play Commissioner Gordon again.

JK Simmons Likely To Come Back as Commissioner Gordon In Batgirl

The upcoming Batgirl film will follow the titular character, a.k.a. Barbara Gordon, on an unknown adventure. Plot details remain secret, but most of the behind-the-scenes crew have been announced recently. This includes directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys for Life), writer Christina Hodson, and Kristin Burr as the producer. Actress Leslie Grace (In the Heights) will play Batgirl.

Simmons, already known to the DCEU, portrayed the character of Commissioner Gordon in 2017’s Justice League (and, of course, 2021’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League.) He is an ally to Batman and the commissioner of Gotham’s City Police. While we love his appearances in the film and recognize the key role, it remained a pretty anticlimatic role for such a beloved actor. Hopefully, Batgirl will give him something to do.

History of Batgirl Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, image via Warner Bros

A Character Essential To Batgirl

While the role may be underdeveloped in films (so far), he remains a key character in the comics. Gordon made his comics debut in 1939 with Detective Comics #27 and has consistently shown a desire to slow down crime in Gotham City. Additionally, he is tied to Barbara Gordon and has been shown as her adoptive father and uncle.

The role remains in negotiations. But based on the popularity of the character and the key ties to her comics storyline, we would be surprised to see this deal fall through. JK Simmons has also claimed that he signed on for 3 films, increasing the odds that he shows up in this one!

Batgirl will be dropping on HBO Max in 2022. We’re as excited as you are, so stay tuned at Comic Years for more information about the plot and release date!

Readers, let us know your thoughts about JK Simmons joining the cast of Batgirl in his role as Commissioner Gordon. Are you excited to see the actor reappear in the DCEU? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Featured image via Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Films.


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