Hugh Jackman Workout For His Return As Wolverine
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Hugh Jackman Workout For His Return As Wolverine

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BY February 11, 2023

Hugh Jackman just caught the attention of fans with his workout. The actor posted on his Instagram a photo preparing for his return as Wolverine, for the filming of Deadpool 3.

The upcoming sequel of this “bad guy who punishes other badder guys” will feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The actor started a workout routine to get his body to match the mutant’s build. And from what we can see in the photo, it’s already paying off.

Hugh Jackman Workout For His Return As Wolverine

Hugh Jackman Workout Image: Hugh Jackman IG


In an Instagram post by Hugh Jackman, we saw how the actor is in a full workout to get the musculature that characterizes Wolverine. In the post, we see how biceps curl to gain muscle mass in his arms. From the progress we see in the photo, we can intuit that he has time doing this type of exercise. 

In the caption of Hugh Jackman’s workout post, he said, “He’s only 46. But it’s not a competition”. Despite being 54 years old, the actor wants to be in good shape to play his role. Fans and other actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger gave him words of support and congratulations for the effort he is making.

Thanks to this workout, Hugh Jackman will have a better build than at the beginning of his career with the character. Although he will look somewhat aged, he will have the appearance one would expect from Logan, considering the age of this mutant who participated in World War II.

This preparation also doubts whether Jackman will continue with the role or if we will later have another actor as Logan in the X-Men. We still do not know if there will be a reboot of the character in the medium term. Especially if we consider that Marvel executives consider Wolverine’s character indispensable.

What are the Chances that Jackman Will Keep Wolverine Role?

Wolverine and Deadpool Image: 20th Century Studios

The chances of Hugh Jackman keeping the role of Wolverine in the future are remote. The actor is already 54 years old, and Marvel Studios could not do long-term projects with him. Add to that. The actor commented some time ago that he did not want to return to the character because of his time there and the projects he lost.

Another detail is the approach that Kevin Feige wants with the character of Wolverine and the X-Men saga. They may want to place him in his younger version, so it is not feasible for Jackman to come out as Logan. 

On the other hand, Hugh Jackman puts love and workout into the character. Not only with the physical preparation he is developing but also the mental aspect, which is fundamental for the X-Men star.

Featured Image Via Hugh Jackman Instagram/Fox 



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