Flash Movie Official Poster: All Secrets Revealed!
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Flash Movie Official Poster: All Secrets Revealed!

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BY February 11, 2023

The official website of The Flash movie has just released a poster revealing details about this new DC production. In the image, we can see Barry Allen in an emblematic place for DC fans. We already know that the Batman accompanying The Flash in this movie will be Michael Keaton’s character.

We also recently learned that not only Keaton’s version will appear, but Ben Affleck’s version will also enter the scene. This would imply that we would see for the first time two versions of Batman at the same time on the big screen.

What The Flash Movie Poster Shows


Firstly in the release of the new image of The Flash movie, we see how the scarlet speedster is inside a cave. The symbols refer to Batman, implying the meeting between several heroes. So it is likely that we will see several versions of the same character.

The insider of the medium, Grace Randolph, commented on her Twitter that there would be an additional cameo. It would be the appearance of one of the classic Batman, but she didn’t say which one. “I hear that it’s going to be a former #Batman who cameos at the end of #TheFlash & could potentially stick around as the new permanent #DCU Batman. Damian’s dad, Pattinson is still solo. I know who it is; but it would be uncool to reveal the whole thing.”

Given this comment, many insiders point to this being a cameo by Christian Bale’s Batman. This is the Dark Knight that has received the best reviews so far.   

Tomorrow Sunday at halftime of the Super Bowl a new trailer for the Flash movie will be released. Maybe this new trailer will shed some light on all the unknowns surrounding this production. 

What can we Expect from the Flashpoint movie?

The Flash 2 Movie Script Image via Warner Bros.

In The Flash movie we will meet several speedsters, starting with the Barry Allen of this earth. However, there will be one of these speedsters who will be the villain of the movie. This is Savitar, a remnant entity of Barry Allen, who seeks to destroy all the speedsters.

Another event that we will see in The Flash movie will be the Flashpoint. This event produces radical changes in the DC universe. Even James Gunn himself warned that this movie would work as a reset of the characters. 

This event will put an end to the plots of the Snyderverse. The followers of this universe are promoting a hashtag asking Netflix to develop this plot. To the hashtag, #SellSnyderVerseToNetflix, James Gunn responded that it would go nowhere

The Flash movie will result from a long production that has undergone many changes. The change in the DC board, the dismissal of actors and casting changes have extended its release date to more than a year. We also don’t know how much its real budget is. 

DC Films CEO James Gunn has stated that it is one of the best superhero movies he has seen. If the rumors are true, we could face one of the most important events for DC Films. 

June 16, 2023 will be its theatrical release and we will know for sure. 

Featured Image Twitter The Flash Movie 



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