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Gabriel’s Redemption Release Date, Plot, Cast

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BY June 19, 2023

After six movies in the franchise, the Gabriel’s Redemption release date has officially been revealed by Passionflix. The seventh installment will once again follow the captivating story between Gabriel Emerson and Julia Mitchell.

Gabriel’s Redemption Release Date, Plot & Cast

Based on the novel franchise by the same title, Gabriel’s Inferno currently has six movie installments. Three parts of Gabriel’s Inferno follow the plot of the first novel.

Meanwhile, the next three movies released by Passionflix are under the title Gabriel’s Rapture. These three follow the plot of the second novel in the franchise.

Now, two years later, we finally have the Gabriel’s Redemption release date. This movie, coming on June 22nd, 2023, is closely following the plot of the third book.

Since this is the first part, we are also expecting two more parts regarding the same novel.

Once Passionflix finishes covering the third novel, they’re most likely going to follow up with three more, titled Gabriel’s Promise. The novel franchise about Gabriel and Julia sold millions of copies around the world.

When it comes to the cast, the trailer confirms the return of Melanie Zanetti and Guilio Berruti as Julia and Gabriel.

Other than the Gabriel’s Redemption release date and main cast, we do know about other actors’ return to the franchise. For example, we will once again see James Andrew Fraser, Margaux Brooke, Christian Vit, and Agnes Albright.

What is Gabriel’s Inferno about?

Similarly to Fifty Shades and other romance franchises, Gabriel’s Inferno is based on a series of novels. Sylvain Reynard wrote the novels, while Passionflix picked them up and created several movie adaptations.


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Both novels and movies follow the seductive, forbidden love between Professor Gabriel Emerson and his former student Julia. Moreover, the novels show Gabriel’s tutoring when it comes to passion as well!

Fast forward to Gabriel’s Redemption, the third novel follows Gabriel and Julia six months deep into the marriage. Julia is now a PhD student at Harvard, while Gabriel has accepted the role of professor at Boston University.

Previously, many book reviewers shared their experience when comparing the novels and the movie adaptations. “I was really impressed to see how they handled the chemistry between these two. Even from the get go I could tell how complex their connection is and that says so much from the talent of the actors and the production that brought this story to life.

And yeah this movie will have three parts, but they are really staying true to the story so I do admire that. I like that they didn’t take shortcuts on the story”, says Bonnie Renee, one of the internet’s acknowledged book reviewers.

Since the previous books and movies received great reviews and viewership, we’re very excited to watch Gabriel’s Redemption soon.


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