Passionflix Spicy Movies You Can Watch in 2023
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Passionflix Spicy Movies You Can Watch in 2023

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BY February 20, 2023

It must be pretty hard to beat the competition when it comes to the streaming services. Despite Hulu, Netflix, or Prime’s popularity, the Passionflix streaming service is getting more and more popular by the day. Read on to find out which titles you can find there.

What is Passionflix?

Despite the fact that Passionflix has been around since 2017, it is only now getting popular. Thanks to the great promotion via TikTok, Passionflix picked up several great novels to adapt over these few years.

For those who don’t know, Passionflix is literally Netflix & Chill. What this means is that the Passionflix streaming service mainly produces sexy and romantic content.

From the most devastating love stories to toe-curling spicy scenes, this platform has it all!

But what makes this platform any different from Hulu, Prime Video, Paramount or Netflix? All of these also include romance movies, right? Well, you’re wrong!

Firstly, the Passionflix streaming service mainly works with indie authors. This list includes authors such as Jennifer L. Armentrout, Amy Dews, Lisa Renee Jones, and Vanessa Fewings.

Secondly, the directors and writers behind these scenes do not hesitate to include the spiciest scenes from the novels. We’ve all read at least one romance novel that made us blush! Hence, the platform is a dream-come-true for romance readers.

Moreover, this platform collaborates with many creators, most of which became popular due to the rise of the BookTok. Read on to find out which movies and series you can watch on the Passionflix streaming service for just $5.99!


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Romance Novels Coming to TV in 2023 

Just like any other streaming service, Passionflix also creates their original content. Moreover, the team has so far worked on 23 complete projects.

In addition, their work is categorized in the most hilarious (and efficient) way possible. For example, some of the categories the Passionflix streaming service has are Quickies, Oh so Vanilla, and Toe-Curling! For those who stay away from the adult content, there are also several romantic movies and series.

Over the past year, they worked on several projects, such as the Gabriel’s Inferno franchise. Moreover, the franchise is getting a sequel coming in 2023 titled Gabriel’s Redemption.

Apart from this project, the production team also worked on The Secret Life of Amy Bensen. The TV series is based on the novel series written by Lisa Renee Jones. Another popular novel franchise by Jennifer L. Armentrout (titled Torn) also joined the service in 2022.

In addition to these, the year 2023 will bring us TV adaptations of Wait With Me and Enthrall. With a 5/5 level of sexy spiciness, the screen adaptation of the latter one will be amazing!

If you’re a Bookstagram or BookTok lover, you may want to read about the TV adaptations of They Both Die at the End & ACOTAR!



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