Final Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Highlights The Original Sarah Connor
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Final Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Shows Linda Hamilton Is Not Here to Screw Around

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BY April 29, 2020

Trailers serve the purpose of promoting a film, but sometimes a really good one can be even more satisfying than the movie. That’s the fear fans have about the final Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, which debuted on Friday. The very not-safe-for-work trailer showcases all of the main cast in this film, but returning champion Linda Hamilton shines in it. Returning as Sarah Connor, now a grizzled veteran of a life spent hunting and destroying terminators, Hamilton shows why she is action-movie royalty.

Dark Fate Trailer Shows Linda Hamilton Is Not Here to Screw Around

We even get a glimpse of her reuniting (on-screen, that is) with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 series of Terminator. Even though when the two last shared the screen in a Terminator film, the T-800 was a good friend, she still wants to put him down. Yet, he has a mysterious role to play in this film. While the plot is still mostly secret, we can tell that (like all good Terminator movies), it centers around people from the future looking for or looking after an important human in the past.

The Sequel to the “Original” Terminator Saga

T2 is certainly the best film James Cameron ever made and is arguably in the hunt for best action-movie of all time. Since then, however, the Terminator legacy is muddled at best. Sequels like Terminator: Genisys, Rise of the Machines, and Salvation failed to reach the acclaim of the first two. Thus the return of Hamilton, along with James Cameron in a producer role, promises to return the franchise to its gritty roots.

Thankfully, because they operate in a universe with time-travel, all of those other films can end up written off as “alternate” timelines. This actually deepens the mythology, suggesting that the events of the first two films are part of a much longer and broader struggle than previously thought. Still, the final Terminator: Dark Fate trailer makes it very clear that this is a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Hamilton’s lines recounting Sarah Connor’s journey and accomplishments in staving off the machine war prove that.

Yet, McKenzie Davis’s character—revealed to be an enhanced human and not a terminator—says that Connor merely delayed the inevitable. She’s back to continue the fight, against a new series of terminator portrayed by Daniel Luna, who also plays Ghost Rider for Marvel. This terminator takes a lot of punishment and shows no signs of slowing down after any of it. Still, Sarah Connor is able to blow a bunch of holes in him and then drop a grenade on him for good measure. It also gives her a chance to say the iconic line: “I’ll be back.”

Questions Posed by the Final Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer

What makes this final trailer so great is that while it provides the right balance of incredible action and character explanation, it doesn’t give away the film like other final trailers do. Natalia Reyes plays Dani, who seems to be at the center of the mission from the future in this film. There are some things we can infer about her from the final trailer, however. This film may venture in the world of politics, because it seems that Dani may be an undocumented immigrant. One clip in the preview shows Luna’s terminator hacking through a Border Patrol facility to get to her, while Davis can be seen opening her cage to free her. Why she’s so important remains a mystery, leaving fans with exactly the right kind of question in advance of the movie.

There are other questions, such as why does the T-800 age? Yet, no question looms larger over the film than the absence of one John Connor. Sarah mentions her son during the opening bit of the final trailer, but it’s strange that such a big part of the Terminator franchise is just absent. Of course, this is another of those questions the filmmakers want us to ask. Edward Furlong, the young actor who played the role in 1991, will play the character for what he described as “a small role.” Can this movie live up to the hype? That’s a question we won’t know until November 1. Still, if it’s half as good as the final Terminator: Dark Fate trailer, we’re in for a treat, indeed.

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