Daniel Craig James Bond Successor, Favorite Actor To Be Play 007
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Daniel Craig James Bond Successor, A New Favorite Actor To Play James Bond

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BY August 14, 2023

Finding Daniel Craig’s successor for the role of James Bond is taking a long time, as the producers have taken two years already and still haven’t defined who will be the next actor to play Agent 007. However, different bookmakers and websites already seem to have a favorite for the role.

Different platforms place James Norton as the main candidate for Agent 007. According to several platforms, he is highly likely to be the new British spy. However, other actors are still fighting to play this character, and until the producers decide, everything is possible.

A New First Favorite to be Daniel Craig’s Successor for the James Bond Role

Grantchester, Season 4: Farewell James Norton - YouTube

According to the bookmaker Star Sports data, actor James Norton is the most likely Daniel Craig successor to play James Bond first on the list to be the new Agent 007. It revealed that the public is betting on the Happy Valley star as the new James Bond. Their data revealed that out of 100% of the bettors, 80% invested in the actor.

Star Spots’ figures also highlighted that Norton’s odds of being the new James Bond are 5/2. The head of relations of this bookmaker, Luke Tarr, commented that these odds were higher but were reduced by the uncertainty generated by the thorough search that the products are carrying out. On this, they commented:

“The search for the next James Bond seems to be a slow and thorough process, but one actor stands out as the name on everyone’s lips in our betting. It’s Happy Valley star James Norton who has been by far the most popular selection for our punters, attracting 80 per cent of all bets in the market and subsequently shortening from 10/1 to 5/2.

The second choice to be Daniel Craig successor to play James Bond is actor Idris Elba. The British actor is famous for his detective series on Netflix. He has an 11/4 chance of keeping the role, although he was initially the leading candidate. Aaron Taylor-Johnson occupies the other positions with a probability of 3/1, Henry Cavill with 9/2 as a possibility of success, and Rege-Jean Payne with 5/1.

For now, they would be the few actors still on the production’s radar. However, they do not rule out that a new element may emerge on the list. 

Reasons for the Attention on James Norton

Grantchester, Season 4: James Norton's Favorite Grantchester Memories -  YouTube Image: ITV

Some fans did not see the actor as a possible candidate to be the next James Bond. The main reason is that he never applied for the job, so it is unlikely that he will fight for it. However, certain incidents caused this opinion to disappear, placing the actor at the top of the list.

The event that triggered all the comments and approached to James Norton to be Daniel Craig’s successor to play James Bond’s character was a game at Wimbledon. This was watched by several famous actors, including actor Daniel Craig, the former 007 agent.

Star Sports confirmed that after these events, bets in favor of Norton went up, as did the odds of winning. This may have been accidental or if it was deliberate to boost Norton’s new role.  

It is worth mentioning that several media indicated that Norton would have been in a meeting with the producers of the new James Bond movie to discuss the role. However, the actor himself revealed that no such meeting ever took place. In fact, he clarified that he never applied for the role in the first place.

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