Tyrese Gibson Home Depot, Actor Sues Them For $1 Million USD
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Tyrese Gibson, Fast X Star Sues Home Depot For $1 Million Dollars

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BY August 14, 2023

Tyrese Gibson, one of the main characters of the Fast and Furious franchise, is suing Home Depot for an altercation in one of its stores. The actor emphasized that he and his associates went shopping at the store and were discriminated against because of their race and skin color.

The claim of the actor and the friends who were with him in the department store is for 1 million dollars. Home Depot has indicated that its lawyers are contacting Gibson to resolve this matter. However, they need to get satisfactory answers. 

Tyrese Gibson sues Home Depot

Tyrese Gibson, the actor in the Fast and Furious saga, had an altercation in a Home Depot store. This incident occurred in Los Angeles. He and a group of friends were shopping when they were allegedly victims of racial discrimination. This caused the actor and his associates sued the company for 1 million dollars. 

The incident occurred on February 11, 2023, when they were shopping at the store. Gibson said he has often shopped at Home Depot and spent over $1 million. However, that day he suffered mistreatment as a consumer and racial discrimination by the cashier and the store manager, according to the statements of the actor and his group of friends.

Gibson said that he entered the store, and when he was about to pay, the cashier would not allow him to complete the transaction due to a supposed failure in their systems. This incident caused a line and crowds of people at the cash register. The situation made the actor uncomfortable, and he decided to go to his car while his friends paid for the purchase.

The actor stated that after he returned to the car, the cashier had many problems completing the whole operation. He also indicated that the owner had to be present and other types of obstacles. He added that he had to return to the store and demand the manager’s presence. The boss never showed up until he could complete the purchase after a strong discussion at the cash register.

Complaint to Home Depot and Their Response

Tyrese Gibson podría tener su propia película de la saga Fast and Furious Image: Universal Pictures

In the complaint, Tyrese Gibson commented that the actions of the cashier and store manager were unjustifiable. The mistreatment because of the skin color and Latino race of her companions is simply unacceptable. They were not allowed to pay, despite having authorization and even with the actor present. Gibson said of this:

“The actions of the cashier and manager were discriminatory based on race and origin. There is no other plausible explanation for the mistreatment of Plaintiffs. The transaction was refused, despite Gibson’s repeated authorizations, because of Plaintiffs’ skin color and, in the case of Mora and Hernandez, also because of their national origin. This is a clear and deplorable instance of discriminatory mistreatment and consumer racial profiling. The treatment of Gibson, Mora and Hernandez by The Home Depot was humiliating and demeaning”.

Home Depot spokespersons had an interview with Variety, in which they indicated that racism and discrimination are not part of that institution. They said they respect and consider Gibson to be a loyal customer of the store and added that they are seeking a solution by talking to the actor’s lawyers. About this, they said:

“Diversity and respect for all people are core to who we are, and we do not tolerate discrimination in any form. We value Mr Gibson as a customer. In the months since this happened, we’ve reached out to him and his attorneys several times to try to resolve his concerns. We will continue to do so.

The spokespersons concluded their statement by denying discriminatory facts or guilt in this complaint. They also indicated that they bear no responsibility for what happened on February 11.

What will be the Outcome of the Lawsuit?

A settlement will likely be reached between the parties. Neither wants to be locked in a legal battle. Home Depot is not interested in being accused of racism. They don’t want to do this, especially with the growing fight for gender equality and anti-discrimination campaigns. The actor would also not like being trapped in a legal process instead of participating in other projects.

Featured Image Via Universal Pictures / The Home Depot 

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