Aaron Taylor-Johnson James Bond? He's Among the Top
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill: Top Choices For James Bond

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BY August 2, 2023

The search for Daniel Craig’s successor is still ongoing, after two years since the actor left the role he played in 2005. During the selection process, several names sounded like Tom Holland, who was considered for his success in the Spider-Man saga. The decision is not yet made, and the main candidates that sound to play James Bond are Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. These would be in a battle to get this iconic role. However, another actor is gaining ground in the list of candidates to be the next 007 agent.

Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Lead the List of Candidates to be the Next James Bond

5 possible James Bond Image: Sony Pictures/Marvel/BBC

Actors Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson lead the list of candidates to play the next James Bond saga. Both have several merits that impressed the producers of this franchise at the time and further fueled the doubt about who will be chosen.

As for Aaron Taylor-Johnson, we expect excellent participation in the spinoff of the Spider-Man universe, Kraven the Hunter. The actor will portray the iconic villain of the arachnid. His performance impressed producer Barbara Broccoli, who from there took him into account to develop the role.

Cavill has two advantages in his favour; the first is the test he did for the saga that Daniel Craig took at the time. According to the producers, the actor was second place in that opportunity. According to this, if Craig had not appeared, the undisputed winner would be him. Furthermore, we must add his excellent performance in Mission Impossible – Fallout.

Both contenders have their own weapons in this fight for the role. However, they don’t have it so easy not only because of the fact that each has a good chance of winning the role. There is also another probability in the table. This new element is a third actor appears who impresses the producers, as happened to Cavill at the time with Craig.

Are there other Possibilities Besides Taylor-Johnson and Cavill?

cillian murphy Oppenheimer christopher nolan Image via Warner Bros. Pictures.

Although Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are leading the list of candidates for the role of James Bond, they are not the only ones creating interest. Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy caught the attention of producers after his portrayal of the atomic bomb creator.

In fact, according to several media, the odds of him being cast went from 14/1 to 5/1. It is true that Murphy’s performance in Oppenheimer was exemplary and caught everyone’s attention. However, there are other facts to consider. The first is his age, as he is 50 years old and much older than the production team is looking for. They aimed for an actor in his 30s or 40s who could play this role for at least 7 years.

Another point in Murphy’s favor is the actor’s origin because the idea of having another Irish James Bond is attractive. 

The choice of the new 007 agent is still a mystery. The fight for the role is still going on. Although Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are leading, great options to play James Bond remain. This is the case of Cillian Murphy. This concerns whether another actor will appear and snatch the role from these three actors. 

Featured Image Via Sony 

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