BuzzFeed Studios Film 1UP is New Studio's First Feature Film
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BuzzFeed Studios Film 1UP is New Studio’s First Feature Film

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BY March 18, 2021

It’s a great time to be in the video games industry. A lot of people distancing and hanging out at home are playing games. The industry is booming and eSports are even growing in popularity. The sport is going to be at the center of the new BuzzFeed Studios film 1UP, serving as the studio’s first film. Starring a few familiar faces and one in particular with ties to the video games industry, the film is meant to be a comedy in the world of gaming. For more on this new project, let’s level up and check out who’s on board to write, direct, and star.

BuzzFeed Studios Film 1UP Could be the Pitch Perfect for Gaming

buzzfeed studios 1up film Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s a funny comparison, but writer Julia Yorks is touting the new BuzzFeed Studios film 1UP as Pitch Perfect for the gaming world. That doesn’t sound half bad at all, does it? So far, actors Elliot Page and Paris Berelc are on board to star in the project. Kyle Newman, director of Fan Boys and Barely Lethal, will helm the project. The film takes place in the world of eSports. Gamer Vivian Lee (Berelc) quits her college team due to trouble with male teammates. When she finds out she might lose her scholarship, she recruits other women to play with her. Her coach (Page), a GamerGate survivor, will help recruit some badass women to the team to take on the boys.

Overall, the film sounds straightforward and full of potential. Elliot Page is no stranger to the video game world. She starred in Beyond: Two Souls with Willem Dafoe and turned in a top-tier performance. With eSports on the rise, it’s a great time to start spreading this sport out to other mainstream media. While many who watch eSports play video games, plenty of people don’t. Things like the spring NBA 2k eSports players tournament on ESPN helped expose many to the wonders of the medium. There are a lot of great games that work for general audiences. I think sports games are an obvious choice. Likewise, casual titles like Fall Guys or Among Us are great, light-hearted options that provide plenty of laughs.

If you’re excited about the potential for this film, then let us know in the comments! It’s certainly a bold release to kickoff work at BuzzFeed Studios. Here’s hoping for the best!

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment


Taylor is the Gaming Editor of Comic Years and a lifelong fan of video games. He holds two degrees in Political Communication and wrote a Master's Thesis on resistance movements, race, and the exploitation of college athletes. His wife and two Toy Australian Sheppards keep him sane.


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