Aquaman’s Dolph Lundgren Actor Talks About Movie Changes
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Aquaman’s Dolph Lundgren Actor Talks About Changes Made In The Movie

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BY January 14, 2024

Aquaman’s actor Dolph Lundgren has expressed his opinions on the modifications made to his and Amber Heard’s roles in The Lost Kingdom. The film underwent certain adjustments.

After numerous delays, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom finally hit theaters in December 2023, concluding the DC Extended Universe. This sequel to the 2018 film led by Jason Momoa primarily focused on the dynamic between the titular hero and his antagonistic brother, Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, as they joined forces to confront Black Manta. However, followers of the film’s production are likely aware of the reshoots that took place, leading to alterations in the storyline. Dolph Lundgren and Amber Heard were among the characters whose roles Warner Bros. reduced due to these changes, and Lundgren has shared his thoughts on the matter.

Aquaman’s Dolph Lundgren Actor Talks About Changes Made in the Movie

Dolph Lundgren portrayed King Nereus in the Aquaman duology, initially serving as an antagonist in the first film. Although his role in the debut installment was notably substantial, his part in The Lost Kingdom experienced a reduction. The 66-year-old actor recently discussed the outcome of the superhero film while promoting his latest project, Wanted Man. Lundgren shared that he personally favored an earlier version of the adventurous blockbuster:

“My opinion is that I thought the original script was great. I was a bigger part of it and Amber Heard was a bigger part of it. When you start inserting different story elements into something there was a unity that worked, then you can get in trouble.”

In the film, Nereus supports Arthur Curry’s mission to defeat the corrupted Black Manta and thwart his environmentally motivated schemes. While not negligible to the storyline, Nereus assumes a more sidelined role this time. In his interview with UPI, Dolph Lundgren discussed the complexities of reshooting substantial portions of a movie. He also encapsulated his sentiments about his diminished role in the production:

“The studio decided, I guess, to just reshoot a bunch of footage to try to rebuild a slightly different storyline. That’s tricky because you can’t reshoot the whole movie. It was a little frustrating for me. I felt a little disappointed, but life goes on.”

The Lost Kingdom Was Full of Reshoots and Changes

He does make a fair point, in that reshooting portions of a feature film can be tricky, if you’re aiming to produce a cohesive piece of work. The results aren’t always negative, though. Additional photography can be invaluable. In the case of The Lost Kingdom, it would seem that a lot of work was done. In July 2023, Orm actor Patrick Wilson seemingly confirmed reshoots had occurred around that time. Within a few days of that news hitting the web, it was also reported that Ben Affleck’s Batman would not appear as planned. 

While Dolph Lundgren’s role received minimal attention leading up to the movie, there was significant speculation surrounding Amber Heard. Amber Heard stated in the defamation case she maintains with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, that Warner Bros. had reduced her character of Mera in the new script. However, director James Wan stated that Mera was always intended to have a smaller role in this installment.

Given the DCEU’s conclusion and the DCU’s emergence, it’s unlikely that either Dolph Lundgren or Amber Heard will reprise their roles in upcoming DC movies. Questions may linger about how their characters were initially conceived before rewrites and reshoots, but most attention is now turning toward the future. Despite expressing disappointment with how things unfolded, Lundgren appears ready to move on.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is currently playing in theaters. The first movie is also available for streaming with a Max subscription, allowing one to watch the DC movies in order.

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