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Amber Heard Cut From Aquaman According To Rumor

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BY June 4, 2022

A new rumor suggests that Warner will cut all of Amber Heard’s footage from Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp shocked the whole world. The actress and Depp himself showed different facets that many were unaware of for six months. Heard not only lost the trial, but some people think she is an aggressive, manipulative person and want her banned from acting. 

AMber Heard Fired Aquaman 2 Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

In the trial, Heard was confronted with different audio recordings and footage that the jury considered proved her aggressive nature and that Depp never assaulted her. The jury concluded the legal dispute, giving the victory to Depp and stating Amber Heard must pay 15 million dollars as compensation to her ex-husband.

The consequences for Heard do not end there, as these events may jeopardize her participation in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. The possible causes are mainly the comments about Heard on social media. Many fans followed the trial live and could see the evidence and testimonies against Heard. Depp’s supporters repudiated Heard’s actions, and the actress is currently infamous, which would cause her to lose the film. 

Amber Heard Footage Removed from Aquaman 2 (Rumor)

A rumor going around social media is the possible elimination of Heard’s role in the Aquaman sequel. According to KC Walsh’s comments, Warner would completely delete the actress’ scenes from the film. This rumor had been circulating during the trial; however, DC denied it.

President of DC, Walter Hamada, testified at the trial to clarify Heard’s comments. He emphasized that they reduced the scenes in which the actress participated, not because of the lawsuit but because of her and Jason Momoa’s incompatibility. 

DC could be studying the possibility of removing Amber Heard’s footage from Aquaman 2, but fans have also expressed wanting her replaced. Nevertheless, replacing Amber Heard in her role as Mera would be impossible, as the movie is ready, which would entail more production costs.  

If Amber participated, Warner would risk losing the audience who reject her and don’t want to see her in the movie. But if she’s omitted, the film would lose an essential character for this story, and fans would criticize DC and Warner. Most likely, DC and Warner will cut as many scenes as possible and avoid Heard’s involvement in ad campaigns, posters, or other marketing activities.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom’s Future

If Warner and DC decide to cut Amber Heard from the film, it wouldn’t mean Mera’s end. We would likely see her again played by another actress. According to rumors, five actresses would be on Warner’s list to replace Heard if the board decided to fire her.

One of the options is Natalie Dormer, who played Margaery Tyrell, one of the main characters in the series Games Of Thrones. Dormer is a pretty strong actress who could play Mera’s role well. Another option would be Emma Roberts. Despite how young she is, she has portrayed women of character, as demonstrated in American Horror Story and Scream Queens.

Natalie Dormer Game of Thrones Image via HBOMax

Another actress on this list would be Kaley Cuoco, “Penny” from The Big Bang Theory. Given her excellent work on this show and considering she voices Harley Quinn, the possibilities are good.

Amber Heard’s career took a jolt from criticism from the general public over social media. The evidence against the actress that people saw in the trial, upset more than one person. This episode could cause her to lose all participation in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, although it would not necessarily disappear the character of Mera. Another actress can replace her without problem since she is not the main character, and there are good options to play the role. We will have to wait and see what Warner decides to do, considering that the movie will be released soon.

Who do you want to see replacing Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom?

Featured Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

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