Jason Momoa Is Homeless? Actor Clarifies His Current Situation
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Jason Momoa Is Homeless Now, “Doesn’t Mean I’m Without a Home”

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BY January 14, 2024

Jason Momoa is clearing up any confusion about his living situation after hinting that he might be technically “homeless.” He now emphasizes that he’s currently without a residence, clarifying that it’s not the same as being without a home.

Following his earlier revelation to ET in the week, the actor provided additional comments on the matter to People Magazine on Thursday. Specifically, he mentioned not having a home at the moment and highlighted that he is currently leading a lifestyle predominantly on the move.

Jason Momoa’s Statements About his “Homeless” Situation

Well, he clarified that statement in this recent interview, telling People, “I’m just houseless. I’m not homeless. I have a nice trailer.” He continued, “Everyone’s like, ‘Jason Momoa’s homeless.’ I’m like, ‘Relax. I got a f***ing sleeping bag.” So, it seems like he’s emphasizing that while he may not have a permanent residence. However, he still has a place to stay.

Jason Momoa also mentioned, “I’ve never bought a house yet, so I’m excited to one day.” He anticipates that when he eventually does purchase a home, people will react with surprise, saying. “Holy s***. He’s got a pillow now.”

While it might be surprising to learn that Jason, a prominent A-lister, doesn’t own property, he emphasizes in these interviews that he’s doing well. His decision not to have his own place is based on his busy schedule with movies and other projects. It’s entirely his choice, and it’s not due to a lack of financial means. Despite being affluent, he currently prefers this lifestyle.

Interestingly, Jason Momoa has a new docuseries in the works titled On the Roam, which follows him as he travels the country and engages with fascinating individuals.

This circumstance takes on added significance in light of Jason Momoa’s recent completion of the divorce process with Lisa Bonet. With Jason openly embracing a houseless lifestyle and the divorce finalized, the typical challenge that many divorced couples face — dividing up shared property, such as a house — doesn’t seem to apply in their case. Momoa’s unconventional living arrangements and his newly launched docuseries, On the Roam, further underscore his commitment to a nomadic existence, dividing a home a non-issue in their post-divorce landscape. This unique aspect of their situation contrasts with more conventional divorce scenarios, highlighting Momoa’s chosen lifestyle’s individuality and flexibility in such matters.

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