Jason Momoa Training Changed Routine At 45
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Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Quits Heavy Training At Age 45

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BY December 23, 2023

Jason Momoa is following in the footsteps of Mark Wahlberg, as he, too, scales back on intense training with age. The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star shared with Men’s Journal the specific exercises he envisions eliminating from his routine. When questioned about retiring from heavy lifting at 45, Momoa hesitated to make a definitive statement but conveyed significant skepticism about revisiting some training routines.

“I’ll lift when I’m getting ready for a movie like this, usually with dumbbells and cable machines,” he explained. “But there are certain exercises I don’t think I’ll do again, like the flat bench. It just doesn’t make sense for me to do that anymore.”

Momoa Discusses his Decision to Change his Training

Momoa explained that the decision was made to protect himself from overexertion.“I still get tempted from time to time to go max lift, and to add those extra two extra plates on. But that’s when I need to have a conversation with myself and make sure I don’t do something that’s going to do more damage than good,” Jason Momoa admitted about his training. “I’ve got a little more wisdom now. I’ve been through this dance for 45 years.”

And Jason Momoa added regarding to training: “Being injured is such a downer. It’s such a drain, mentally, especially when you enjoy getting after it. And it’s those memories of what it was like to be injured that keep me in check.”

Momoa informed Men’s Journal that he has embraced training with kettlebells and resistance bands, a new effective approach. “very nurturing…The moment I discovered kettlebells, it was a game-changer,” he marveled. “The great thing about kettlebells is they torch the legs in a real way but also train everything else including the core, and they get you really strong. Even when the weight is just a fraction of what you can actually lift.”

Yet, with time becoming a crucial factor, Momoa emphasizes that the people around him are just as vital as the training exercises themselves. “I don’t have much time these days, so it’s about how quickly and how powerfully I can bang it out,” he explained. “Keeping good people around me who love to train and inspire me is a huge part of being successful.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is now on theaters. For Momoa’s complete interview with Men’s Journal, you can check it out here.

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