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A Quiet Place Part III Release Date Announced

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BY February 19, 2022

If you saw A Quiet Place Part II, then you might have had a realization at the end. Like its predecessor, Part II works just fine as a stand-alone movie. However, it’s clear by the ending that they’re setting up the plot for another chapter. They don’t go so far as to end it on a massive cliffhanger, like, “AND EMILY BLUNT’S CHARACTER WAS A SOUND MONSTER ALL ALONG!” (Although that would have been ridiculous, which I always appreciate.) Still, though, there’s a sense that the story is unfinished. Well, that’s because it is. As we told you, there will be another chapter, A Quiet Place Part III, whose release date John Krasinski revealed in a recent promotional day for Paramount.

But First, Let’s Refresh Ourselves on the Not So Dramatic Ending of Part II (Contains Spoilers for First 2 Parts)

Let me repeat: At the end of Part II, it didn’t turn out that any of the Abbotts were secret aliens/noise monsters. (It seems a little wild that we’re two movies in and we still don’t have a definitive name for these soundgoblins, but as per the title, there ain’t a lot of talkin’ in these films. Breaking: I’m now being told that they’re called Death Angels. Don’t care for it.) And actually, let’s not start at the end. Let’s go back to the beginning.

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Because that’s what they do in Part II, they go back to the beginning, the invasion of the audio junkies. We join the Abbott family in happier, louder times, when they’re all gathered at a Little League game, just like a scene out of Norman Rockwell’s work. Then a big ol’ asteroid-ish object comes crashing through the atmosphere, and all of the proverbial hell breaks loose. Obviously, at first, no one knows what’s going on. They catch on pretty quick to the murderous intentions of the extraterrestrials, but it takes a moment to figure out what triggers them.

After that, of course, were the events of Part I, which ended in the death of Krasinski’s character, Lee. When we pick up the story in Part II, Evelyn (Blunt) and the children–Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe), and Baby–are traversing a blazed world. They find few survivors, and old family friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy) basically tells Evelyn that that’s a good thing. He means that the kind of people who survive an experience like this are largely predatory themselves. The remaining Abbotts and Emmett will unfortunately see this in full effect.

At the end of the film, they’ve found a small group of good (enough) people. Those folks shelter on an island, because it turns out the clamor creatures can’t swim. The other important development is with Regan. In the first film, she figured out how to weaponize the feedback from her hearing aid, which stuns the creatures. By the end of the second, she’s scaled up, broadcasting the noise through a radio station so others can take advantage.

Release Date for A Quiet Place Part III: Hush Harder

This week, at an event for Paramount investors, Krasinski shared some news on the upcoming film. The Quiet Place Part III release date will be in 2025, but we don’t have a date more specific than that. If that seems awfully far away, then don’t fret. You won’t have to wait that long to get your quiet fix.

a quiet place part iii release date image via Paramount Pictures

The Quiet Place Cinematic Universe will be expanding with a spin-off set for 2023. The film will be set in the same silent world as the original movies, but will not share characters, as far as we know. Michael Sarnoski, who directed the Nicholas Cage film Pig, will be directing the new movie. It is unclear at this point who’s writing the spin-off, but a Krasinski idea is the basis for it. Note: IMDB lists Sarnoski as the director for A Quiet Place Part III, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, that position is still vacant.

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