Skábma Snowfall Video Game to Honor The Sámi People
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Skábma Snowfall Video Game to Honor The Sámi People

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BY December 26, 2022

A popular Finnish indie game studio Red Stage Entertainment just released a new gameplay trailer for Skábma Snowfall. This indie game is going to strongly represent the culture and the people of Sámi. With its amazing graphics, interesting quests, and heartwarming story, Skábma Snowfall is definitely going to be in my top 5 releases for 2023. 

Skábma Snowfall Gameplay

The indie gaming industry is finally on the rise when it comes to producing high-quality games. This year’s hit indie game was ‘Stray’, in which you can play the video game from the stray kitten’s perspective. 

This time around, we will be able to play from the perspective of a young reindeer herder named Áilu. At the beginning of the Skábma Snowfall video game, Áilu searches for his lost reindeer. He suddenly stumbles upon an ancient powerful object, which is a Noaidi Drum. 

Later on, Áilu will learn to utilize the power of the Noaidi Drum, which has healing and fighting powers. This adventure game will allow the players to wander the woods and lakes of Sámiland, land located by the fjord. 

Skábma Snowfall Skábma Snowfall Gameplay

The main game characters include the young herder Áilu, who was raised by his grandmother Áhkku. Additionally, she carries immense knowledge, such as legends about deities and old folklore stories. Áilu is accompanied by Nana, his cousin. 

From then on, the gameplay focuses on using several ancient objects and finishing quests, all in order to stop a mysterious disease that’s spreading. The Skábma Snowfall game offers such an amazing scenery, much of which reminds me of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Learn everything about the Sámi people and their culture with Áilu!

About the Indigenous Sámi People

Skábma Snowfall describes many folklore tales told by the Sámi, indigenous people who live in Finland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden. The Sámi speak a total of 10 languages, including the Northern Sámi (davvisámegiella), which is spoken throughout the game. 

Skábma Snowfall Skábma Snowfall

They have a very rich history and culture, and mainly focus on surviving today. Moreover, the beginning of their time, they were hunting, fishing, and herding reindeers. However, in 2022, the Sámi fear the threats such as global warming, forest cutting, and the outsiders bringing fear, disease, and famine into their small villages. This game serves as an oath to the Sámi people: As long as one of them is breathing and speaking the Sámi language, they will never vanish. 

“This game is dedicated to all the young Sámi, who are facing the challenges and stress of keeping their culture alive, while the outside world makes it harder and harder every day. I hope that the present generation can finally be proud of their culture and live without the shame that the generations before had to carry. I wish they dare to be bold and create new Sámi culture:  games, comics, tv-shows, animations to reclaim the culture and renew it on their own terms.” game writer Eira-Teresá Joret Mariánná



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