Next Sonic Game: Is Sonic Riders Speeding Our Way?
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Next Sonic Game: Is Sonic Riders Speeding Our Way?

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BY June 2, 2023

Recently, we’ve been buzzing over whispers hinting that the next Sonic game might just be a remake of Sonic Riders. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?

Before diving into the juicy speculation, let’s backtrack a bit. Surely you’re familiar with the advent of TailsTube? If not, here’s your refresher. With TailsTube’s introduction, we’ve noticed a peculiar occurrence: yellow folders popping up on the screen.

Particularly interesting was the third TailsTube installment. TailsTube had a conspicuously labeled file on our screens: “LEGO Ideas.” What happened next? SEGA, a company that’s not one to disappoint, announced Lego Sonic soon after. That was one fun Sonic the Hedgehog game!

So, this sequence of events got our gears grinding. Could these folders be cryptic clues to what SEGA has in store? Might the “Gear Concepts” and “Vehicle Prototypes” folders be a nod to a blast from the past, much like the “LEGO Ideas” file hinted at Lego Sonic?

Looking closer at these intriguing folders, it seems possible. After all, Sonic Riders is a game that’s known for its inventive gears and vehicles. Is it far-fetched to hypothesize that these folders suggest Sonic Riders could be the next Sonic game?

But why all the fuss about Sonic Riders possibly being the next Sonic game? Simply put, Sonic Riders has a unique charm that’s left an indelible mark on our hearts. The thrill of racing along gravity-defying tracks on hoverboards, the strategic maneuvering with power-ups—it’s an adrenaline-fueled experience!

Sonic Riders merged traditional Sonic elements with a fresh racing format, giving us a new and nostalgic experience. It upped the ante on Sonic’s trademark speed with hoverboards and power-ups, making for a game that was equal parts exhilarating and challenging.

What is the next Sonic game coming?

Next Sonic Game Image: igcompany (YouTube)

Plus, think about the legacy of Sonic games. They’re masters of reinvention. Sonic Mania’s return to 2D platformer roots showed us that. Could a refreshed Sonic Riders be the next in this proud tradition of innovation?

Still, let’s not get ahead of ourselves with this next Sonic game rumor. While the “Gear Concepts” and “Vehicle Prototypes” folders might point toward Sonic Riders, they could also hint at something entirely different. We all know SEGA’s knack for unpredictability, don’t we?

So, while we don’t have concrete confirmation yet, the prospect of Sonic Riders being the next Sonic game is undeniably exciting. It gives us a reason to watch those mysterious TailsTube folders more closely. Regardless of what this upcoming Sonic title turns out to be, we can be certain that SEGA will deliver some exhilarating surprises.

Alright, fellow Sonic fans, let’s sit tight and stay tuned for more updates. The next Sonic game could be just around the corner, and who knows, it might be the Sonic Riders revival we’ve been dreaming of! Let’s keep our hopes up, and our eyes peeled because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that Sonic never disappoints.


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