Gotham Knights Gameplay: First Reviews Are Disappointing
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Gotham Knights Gameplay: First Reviews Are Disappointing

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BY October 20, 2022

Today October 21, Warner Bros. Games launches one of the most awaited games by Batman fans. IGN conducted a Gotham Knights gameplay to test its features, plot, abilities, speed and resolution. This game narrates an alternative version of the fight in Gotham City. Gamers can enjoy this new release on PS5, Xbox XS and PC using Steam or Xbox Game Pass.

In IGN’s comments about the game, he said they were on an Xbox XS console for over 30 hours. They commented that the results were not according to their high expectations, considering the amazing reviews of Batman: Arkham.

According to the critiques, the game fails in many aspects. It has its good points, but the flaws largely overshadow them. Among their comments stand out the fighting problems. The story plot is plodding, and obtaining the characters’ abilities is complicated. In addition, the multiplayer mode has fatal errors, considering that it gives more relevance to one player than another.

Gotham Knights Game Details

Gotham Knights Game Characters Image: Warner Bros. Games

From what we could see in the Gotham Knights gameplay, it takes place in Gotham City, and the main objective is to find out what happened to Batman. The Dark Knight passes away or is missing, and his companions must find out what happened. In this part, you have four players: Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin.

The player can choose a character and fulfil and develop with each of his missions. You can also get new costumes and customize them to your liking so that the character gets the look you like the most. You can develop the desired skills and increase the characteristics to maximize their capabilities. 

Each player has different skills, and you can try to develop them all during the game, although it is somewhat slow. Each enemy will give you experience points, which you will accumulate to upgrade the character. For example, Nightwing can create bubbles that heal allies and damage enemies’ health. On the other hand, Robin has a stealth ability that allows him to enter difficult places without being detected.

As for the villains we saw in Gotham Knights gameplay, they are diverse. For example, you’ll confront Doctor Freeze, Harley Quinn and the Court of Owls. On some occasions, you’ll have to use stealth abilities to infiltrate, as with the last-mentioned group of enemies. In others, you’ll have to use Red Hood’s brute force, so it’s convenient to develop all characters simultaneously.

As for the gameplay, you’ll be able to use the tools to move around the city and Batman’s vehicles. In the fights, you can learn blows, use new weapons, and have a bar that allows you to use the special techniques of each character in the game.

First Critics of the Game 

Gotham Knights Image: Warner bros. Games

In the Gotham Knights gameplay, IGN notices several flaws in the game. One of the first points to criticize was the plot since it is based on finding out who killed Batman, and many of the missions are to get information, going from one place to another. Considering the criticisms, the game “Slow” also heavy and boring for the player.

The fighting is also quite monotonous, considering they have very basic moves. You practically fight some goons with some moves, waiting for your special bar to fill up to do your secret technique. Those kinds of fights are repetitive, which takes away from the excitement of the game.

The two-player mode has a small detail: the 2 players do not receive the same benefit or relevance. The rewards for the missions developed are greater for player 1 than for player 2. There is also the problem that the second player remains a spectator in the slow-motion effects generated by the first controller.

Another issue criticized as a result of this Gotham Knights gameplay is the game’s performance, considering that the frame rate reaches 30 fps. This rendition creates cuts in the missions, causing quite annoying facts. For example, one of the mission objectives gets trapped inside a wall, and you can’t capture it. In another case, you are in a vehicle and fall out of the level to certain death by mistake, losing all the collected items.

Not everything is bad in the game, says IGN. Despite the speed, the graphics and effects are excellent. Also, the fact that they included several players with different skills and costumes gives variety to the experience. 

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Games 


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