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Apex Legends Season 15 – What We’ve Learned!

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BY October 15, 2022

It’s been a pretty rough season for Apex Legends. Sure, we had amazing additions. There are the Gaiden event and Vantage. But, the player count keeps diminishing. Now, Apex Legends’ season 15 might bring some hope for players.

Players’ frustration with the current map, Storm Point, seems to be overwhelming. Now, I don’t mind the map. Many players don’t really care about which maps they play. Yet, the player count always seems to drop when Storm Point enters the rotation.

Thus, it’s great news to know that the new season is adding a new map. And, there are also a bunch of interesting possibilities. We’ve got a possible new weapon, Legends, and more content. Plus, we might get more information on Seer’s lore.

So, let’s see what the new season has in store. For more detailed information, I’d recommend RockPaperShotgun’s article.

Divided Moon: The new map coming to Apex Legends

Easily, the biggest addition to season 15 is Divided Moon. The last map added to the game was Storm Point. Yet, it was released way back in season 11. Unfortunately, the latest map isn’t the players’ favorite.

It’s also a big departure from the last map’s approach. Storm Point is the largest map in the game. Instead, Divided Moon is the second-smallest arena in the battle royale. It’s barely bigger than Olympus.

It’s also a leveled map. That means no overall slope. But, moon rocks break up the line of sight. According to other articles, it’s comparable to Kings Canyon.

Moreover, the map seems to share several features with Olympus. It also seems that Respawn is toying with gravity mechanics. We can find chasms with floating rocks, for example.

Finally, the map appears to feature a moving train. The train is similar to World’s Edge’s one. It’ll constantly run around the map. So, players will have an easier time moving around the map. Therefore, we might not see our regular Tridents on the new map.

On a similar note, the new map pool seems to remove Storm Point. Instead, we’ll get Divided Moon. And, GameLeap’s video above infers that Olympus or World’s Edge could be the other additions.

A new character coming in Apex Legends’ season 15

Upcoming Legends with Gameplay Part 2
by inApexUncovered

As everyone knows, a new season also means a new Legend for the roaster. Apex Legends season 15 definitely isn’t an exception. Yet, it’s a bit too soon to say for certain who will join the character pool.

That said, most articles suggest the same theory: Catalyst. In the video above, we can see an early prototype of the character. The “creative builder” description seems to tell you everything about Catalyst.

Her abilities are less suited for direct battle or intel gathering. Instead, she’s capable of creating simple structures to modify the battlefield.

Her passive ability strengthens your structures and teammate placeables when you’re nearby. Her tactical ability lets her create up to three ramps (or platforms on walls). Plus, her ultimate creates a tower below her, pushing you upward.

Everything points toward Catalyst being the next Legend in the game. But, we still know nothing about her lore. Some fans speculate that she could be Crypto’s foster sister. Others theorize that she could be Xenia Contreras, Vantage’s mother.

However, there’s one more interesting development. Players noticed Husaria among Apex Legends’ files. In case you don’t know, it’s not the first time we hear that name. Husaria was a previous character in the works. Eventually, she became Mad Maggie.

Or, did she?

If that was the case, then why is she back in the files? The main theory is that Husaria is the code name for the next Legend. Naturally, that means we could still be talking about Catalyst.

But, some leakers have data mined Husaria’s abilities.

Her passive is a leg shotgun that fires when meleeing enemies or doors. It uses shotgun ammo. Also, using abilities boosts your speed. Her tactical ability is a simple flashbang that blinds and deafens. Finally, her ultimate is a breaching charge for traps, doors, and enemies.

That said, players have likened these abilities to an earlier Mad Maggie iteration. Mad Maggie also has a shotgun-related passive and speed boosts. Her tactical ability also goes through walls to damage enemies on the other side.

What else is in store for players in the new season?

A possible new weapon also has fans excited. Before, Respawn used to release a new weapon every season. Yet, this custom has been lost to time. The last weapon was the CAR SMG from season 11.

According to Respawn, that’s because the weapon pool is fine as it is right now. I can agree with that. Still, it’s always nice to see new content spice up the gameplay.

Back in season 14, Respawn intended to add the Nemesis Burst Assault Rifle. The gun got leaked in the season 10 trailer. Naturally, players expected it to be around season 13. But, the company revealed it had no plans to release it anytime soon.

However, the gun seemed almost ready for release. So, it’s easy to see why most theories point toward it. So, what do we know about the gun?

Well, we don’t know much, unfortunately. We can only assure you that it’ll be an energy assault rifle. It’ll also shoot in bursts, like the Hemlok. It shoots in 4-round bursts. The twist comes with it charging when you hit enemies. While fully charged, it’s fully automatic.

The video below showcases how it works.

But, that’s not the only weapon in development. We also have the Fanatic Pistol. They’re akimbo pistols (dual-wielded). You can also charge them for a stronger shot for a higher ammo cost.

Curiously, there’s also an automatic crossbow. It can load up to 16 arrows by default. And, it works just like any SMG or Assault Rifle. The difference lies in its silent ammo.

There’s also the Gemini. At first glance, it seems like a regular energy SMG. That is until you have two in your inventory. That’s because dealing damage with one reloads your unused Gemini. So, you can constantly switch between them instead of reloading.

Finally, there’s the Maelstrom LMG. It’s a Light Ammo LMG that grants you five extra bullets per takedown. Nonetheless, the Spitfire just got revamped for Light Ammo. That might mean the Maelstrom isn’t necessary for the time being.

To close, we have the leaked Battle Pass and Events’ contents by leaker @SenosApex. You can see the post above.

The battle pass will include cosmetics for Ash, Revenant, Loba, and Seer. It also has a bunch of character frames and weapon skins.

The first event will be Magic Snowbeast. It’ll bring a legendary Newcastle skin. Unconfirmed legendaries include Crypto, Bangalore, and Valkyrie. It also has epic skins for Gibraltar, Horizon, Mad Maggie, Mirage, and Wraith.

Lastly, the Magic Witch event appears to bring only epic skins for characters. In this case, we’ve got Ash, Lifeline, Rampart, and Valkyrie. Revenant is also getting an epic skin plus a rare frame.

Of course, I’m not even touching on the weapon skins. We can expect epic skins for guns like the Sentinel, Rampage, Alternator, and R301.

Featured image by Apex Legends’ official Twitter @PlayApex at: https://twitter.com/PlayApex/status/1580645731139846145



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