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Apex Legends Vantage – Everything We Know!

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BY October 6, 2022

Apex Legends’ season 14 is already on its way. And, we’re in the middle of its promotional push. Thanks to that, we just got the trailer for Apex Legends’ Vantage. We got to meet her and her abilities.

The trailer shows off a great glimpse into what players can expect. That includes her abilities, some lore, and more. Of course, you can also learn more about the 22nd legend at EA’s official website.

“If you’re not hunting, you’re being hunted.” That’s the first thing we get to hear from Vintage. And, her entire kit and personality sticks to that feeling. She’s an expert hunter that focuses on spotting and swiftly attacking her targets.

Players will have a chance to play her when the next update is. That means on August 9th, 2022. So, it’ll be Tuesday next week.

Let’s dive into her lore, abilities, and what you can expect from her.

Who is Vantage?

Vantage’s real name is Xiomara Contreras, also known as Mara. She was born and raised in Págos, a wild ice planet. Her mother, Xenia, was a survivalist. And, she quickly showed her proficiency with a sniper rifle.

When she was 18, she discovered the G.D.S Vintage’s wreckage. There, she found out that her mother hadn’t grown up there. She was brought as a Prisoner. The ship collapsed, wounding and trapping Mara.

Her mother found her thanks to Mara’s baby bat. But, she couldn’t save her life by herself. She used the ship’s SOS beacon to call for help. Unfortunately, that resulted in her imprisonment.

After Mara healed, she went to visit her mother. Mara promised she’d free her. But, her mother told her to forget about her.

Mara couldn’t do that. So, her eyes quickly found the Apex Games. The opportunity was exactly what she knew. It was pure survival and hunting. Plus, she could use the platform to draw attention to her mother’s case.

With Vantage as her moniker, she’s ready to face the legends.

The abilities of Apex Legends Vantage

For a more in-depth breakdown of Vantage and season 14, check out IGN’s video. They go into all the changes that the new season will bring. That includes map and weapon changes. But, let’s focus on Apex Legends’ Vantage.

First, we have her passive: Spotter’s Lens. It lets her zoom in (even unarmed or without scopes) and mark enemies. It also shows a bullet drop indicator. You’ll know where your shot will land.

Then, there’s her tactical ability: Echo Relocation. It lets Vantage position her bat whenever she wants. She can launch herself towards him. It also gives her a second jump after reaching him. The cooldown is for the jump. So, you can relocate Echo any time.

Finally, we have her ultimate ability: Sniper’s Mark. It’s fairly simple. Vantage uses her custom sniper rifle. She deals 50 damage with each shot. But, the shot also marks enemies. Marked foes take 100 damage for subsequent shots and extra damage from teammates.

Her ultimate doesn’t have a full cooldown. It holds a maximum of 5 bullets. Ultimate accelerants recharge about 2 bullets. You can always use it as long as you have ammo.

What does Apex Legends’ Vantage brings to the table

Naturally, Vantage excels at long ranges. You can spot enemies and mark them for your teammates to engage. With her ultimate, Vantage can stay safe while covering her team. And, they’ll get to deal extra damage as well!

Her tactical ability also lets her relocate quickly. So, you have an easy way out of sticky situations. But, ingenious players might find a way to use it to other advantages. I wouldn’t be surprised if it allows for more aggressive tactics.

Here is some tips & guides on how to play the newest character in Apex Legends

Enjoy Playing!




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