New Iron Man Comic Shows Upgraded Stealth Suit
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New Iron Man Comic Shows Upgraded Stealth Suit

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BY October 5, 2022

It appears that Marvel is transforming a lot of classic designs in the latest Iron Man comicThe preview for issue 22, which releases on July 20th, shows Tony Stark wearing a completely new stealth suit. This armor is much shinier and far more shimmery than his previous one.

This new issue is the brainchild of Christopher Cantwell. He decided to give Stark something new after his personal battles as the “Iron God.” On the cover of the July edition of the Iron Man comicfans can see Stark flying through the night. However, this suit is drastically different from his iconic red stealth suit. Instead, his stealth suit is now black, helping him to camouflage into the darkness of the night.

Artists Alex Ross and Angel Unzueta had a hand in designing this suit for the cover. Oscar Vega and Bjorn Barends assisted with the covers for the variant editions.

Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t caught up on the latest editions of the Iron Man comic.

Tony Stark’s Personal Battles

Iron Man Comic Image: Marvel

The latest volume of the Iron Man comic centers upon Tony Stark as he comes to terms with his role as a superhero. He has begun to question the idea of him saving people instead of seeing himself as being an outsider from others. Ultimately, this led Stark to divorce himself from the company “Stark Unlimited” and focus solely on machinery.

Even so, the public still questions Stark’s intentions and his ego as a superhero. These criticisms go deeper than usual, with even his closest friends critiquing his identity. Naturally, this causes Stark to ask himself the same questions.

Vic Martinelli’s Return in the Iron Man comics

Iron Man Comic Image: Marvel

This new suit comes hot off the heels of Stark’s latest time working as the “Iron God” in the last Iron Man comic. Naturally, this period of personal history greatly affected Stark. As such, readers will begin to see the effect this had upon Iron Man while he tries to find his old friend, Vic Martinelli.

Sadly, the preview teases that Tony Stark “find he’s arrived too late and Vic’s been murdered.” Thankfully, it’s not left a mystery as to why Vic was killed or who killed him. It was the Titanium Man! Unfortunately, the murder goes a lot deeper than a simple killing. Tony Stark finds out that Vic’s death was part of a huge web of conspiracy, somehow related to the “the Mandarin’s Rings.”

Furthermore, this conspiracy appears to have international implications for the Iron Man comic. Stark is forced to make a trip to Asia to discover the truth of the situation and also stop any evil characters from taking the Mandarin’s Rings. To do this, Stark has to fight fire with fire by working alongside some shady characters.

Tony’s Earlier Armour in the Iron Man comics

Iron Man Comic Image: Marvel

Any longtime fans of Iron Man will probably recognize the suit from an earlier edition of the Iron Man comic. Way back in issue 152 from 1981, Stark donned a similar, darker suit. However, unlike the newest costume, this suit was all-blue, allowing for Stark to truly hide himself from others. Furthermore, Stark kitted out the suit with metal-mesh armor.

Nevertheless, it was not until issue 229 that Stark included weapons in the suit. Previously, he used this darker suit only for covert missions. We can expect that the new Iron Man suit will likely be a lot more powerful than this one.

Issue 22 of the Iron Man comics releases on July 20th. The next issue, number 19, comes out very shortly on May 4th, penned by Christopher Cantwell and with art by Alex Ross. Outside of the world of comic books, fans can also look forward to news of a real-life Iron Man suit.


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