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The God of High School Episode Three Review

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BY July 20, 2020

There are a lot of questions heading into episode three of The God of High School. With Mori’s participation in the tournament in jeopardy, what might the fight committee decide? Plus, there’s a ton we don’t know about Mori’s peers and rivals. We get some great answers this time around but, as always, more questions arise as well. Let’s go over this weeks’ installment in this The God of High School episode three review.

The God of High School Episode Three

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Heads up: this review contains spoilers for The God of High School episode three.

The beginning of every GoHS episode so far has been mysterious and sort of creepy. There are clearly major powers at play that have motives we don’t understand. Instead of focusing on Mujin this time in the intro, we see a religious cult. Why not, right? As the cult seems to assemble a variety of odd-looking characters, they claim they are acting like something is happening now that they’ve waited for. They ask God to be with them, and then we leave them for the episode. It’ll be interesting to see how this group works in the main story.

Speaking of, last time we saw Mori, he interfered with Go Gamdo’s fight. His presence in another duo’s battle is against the rules. Park Mujin decides on a punishment for him that doesn’t guarantee his dismissal: a fight with Commissioner Q. While looking over his notes on Mori, however, Mujin sees something of note: Mori’s grandfather’s name. This is significant, although we don’t know why yet. Ahead of heading home, Mujin stops Mori and gifts him fruit, which appears to contain some sort of power to beckon ancient energy.

Friends and Their Foes

the god of high school episode three review Image Credit: Crunchyroll

We get to see two battles in this episode involving Mori’s friends. Firstly, Mira takes on Mah Miseon. We learn Miseon is from America and seeks the wish granted to the tournament winner to created her own harem of perfect men. Seems legit and logical. We get to see more of Mira’s power in this battle, specifically when Miseon disarms her. Without her wooden sword and after a brutal beating, Mira seems helpless. Still, she fights on, evoking a power we had not seen yet that involves her arms becoming pseudo-swords themselves. They pierce Miseon’s skin and one major blow ends the American for good.

Meanwhile, we learn more about Daewi’s motives. We know from Episode Two that he wants money out of this entire tournament. We learn that the reason he wants money is to help pay for treatment for a friend’s illness. It appears to be some sort of cancer that his friend has from clips in this episode. The friend, Seungtae, seems in good spirits about a new form of treatment, but he notes it’s expensive. Daewi’s silent but focused nature makes a lot more sense now. In a battle with Seungchul, Daewi nearly gets defeated before using his three of his four traditional Karate training stances. He doesn’t even need the fourth because he ends his opponent handily.

Mori’s Power Grows

Image Credit: Crunchyroll

When arriving home to rest, Mori eats the fruit given to him by Mujin. It causes him to cough up blood and pass out for the night. It also brings about fever dreams that look to be ancient memories of some sort. They’re likely tied to his grandfather, who Mujin seems very interested by. Barely waking up in time for his fight against Commissioner Q, Mori arrives to the tournament to fight. Surprisingly, a handicap is put on the battle; Mori simply needs to knock the commissioner down once. When the fight begins, Mori rushes to his opponent in an instant and knocks him down. The crowd and fight organizers are stunned.

This angers Commissioner Q and he becomes enraged to the point of seemingly leaving his body. Instead of a human spirit, a giant monster emerges from purple smoke and aims to kill Mori. The other commissioners stop the gross use of some otherworldly power before he can hurt the young competitor. After seeing Mori defeat a powerful fighter with little to no effort, Mujin notes that Mori is likely “Jin Taeijin’s so-called Tiger Cub.”

The God of High School Episode Three Review Score

Image Credit: Crunchyroll

The God of High School episode three’s review score is 7/10. This is by far the choppiest pacing for the show yet, but it was necessary to tie together some loose plot lines. It’s not a bad episode by any means, however, and the emotional side to Daewi’s motivation really resonates well. Not to mention, we get a better idea of why Mori has so much more power than his peers. It’s interesting he’s only driven by competition as well; he doesn’t seem to want to take advantage of the wish at all. To Mori, this is all a chance to show who he is and fight fierce enemies. It’s all fun and games to Mori, which makes him such a likable protagonist.

We’ll get a better idea in the coming episodes of the importance of Mori’s grandfather. The religious cult in the beginning too could be a power that works for or against Mujin’s forces.

The God of High School simulcast is out every Monday at 10:30 EST/9:30 CST on Crunchyroll.

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