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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Posters Tease The Netflix Series’ Return

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BY February 11, 2021

Netflix recently released the Umbrella Academy season 2 posters, as the start of the new season’s marketing campaign. The posters themselves are pretty simplistic in nature but are a great tease to season 2. The Netflix original comic book adaptation was one of last year’s biggest hits. So season 2 is highly anticipated. And the marketing seems to completely lean into its cliffhanger ending from season 1. 

What is the Umbrella Academy? 

Umbrella Academy season 2 will seemingly continue the story from its debut season. The Netflix original comes from a comic book series from Dark Horse Comics created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. The show is best described as being a more dysfunctional and adult version of the X-Men. The story begins with 43 women suddenly and simultaneously, becoming pregnant then giving birth, all over the world. After hearing of this, an odd billionaire adopts 7 of the babies, believing them to have superpowers. He raises the kids as a family but trains them as a unit to fight crime and save humanity. Until their father’s cruel and eccentric methods eventually rip the family apart. 

Umbrella Academy season 2 posters. Image via Netflix.

Umbrella Academy season 1 begins with the death of the father. The kids, now grown adults, come together after years apart for the funeral. Only to discover that there is more at play than what they had expected. And that they may finally have to do what their father trained them for all those years. 

Why Umbrella Academy Works So Well 

With Umbrella Academy Season 2 looming, it’s obvious to see why the show worked so well. Umbrella Academy’s season 1 provided a lot of familiar elements for its audiences. Kids with powers raised in a large mansion by an eccentric man. A superhero team that fights crime. It’s all staples of the greatest comic book stories. Where Umbrella Academy deviates, is in its very adult themes and mature content. While there is no sexual content, seeing a dysfunctional superhero family swearing at, and getting into massive fights with, one another is very relatable. 

Umbrella Academy season 2 posters. Image via Netflix.

The humor and character development add to the Umbrella Academy’s success as a series. There is little to no cheesy emotional moments, while at the same time, no forced conflict for the sake of it either. The characters are well defined, their motivations and reactions all make sense within the story. And sometimes, the show goes into avenues of the outrageous, or heartbreaking. It’s a superhero show with heart and spectacle. 

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Posters Refer To Season 1 Cliffhanger

The ending of season 1 of Umbrella Academy saw a massive cliffhanger. After the events of the entire season, the group failed to prevent the impending apocalypse that one of their own was responsible for. At the last moment, Number 5, the one with Time Travel powers, jumped them all back into the past. However, the group went so far back, that they now appear as their own teenage selves. With this shocking ending, the new Umbrella Academy season 2 posters seem to be leaning into it. The main poster released in a tweet from Netflix’s geek account, feature a caption that asks ‘When Are They?’ With a stylized 2 dominating the image. It seems that Umbrella Academy’s season 2 may focus on the group being back in the past, albeit for how long is still a mystery. 

Umbrella Academy season 2 posters. Image via Netflix.

No Release Date On The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Posters

One thing blatantly missing from the Umbrella Academy season 2 posters is the new season’s release date. At times, posters will mark the release date of a show as well. However, these simple posters only seem to highlight the characters. All of them are extreme close-ups of the eyes of each character, along with an umbrella design and the Netflix logo on the bottom. But if this is any indication, this will be the beginning of the marketing for Umbrella Academy, and that we should be getting the show sooner rather than later. Until then, it seems like we’re also left asking ‘When Is It?’

What do you think about the Umbrella Academy season 2 posters, and it’s return? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media profiles. 


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