The Boys Season 2 Trailer Is As Amazing As Can Be Expected.
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They Didn’t Start It But Amazon Prime’s The Boys Season 2 Trailer Is Fire!

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BY July 10, 2020

The Boys season 2 trailer is, as the kids would say, lit! The Amazon Prime Video original series took the world by storm last year. While the term ‘gritty superhero’ is commonly used in describing shows or movies, The Boys gave us a world where we realized that truly means. The comic book adaptation from Eric Kripke of the source material from Garth Ennis was a spectacularly original deconstructionist take on superheroes. The Boys season 2 releases on Amazon Prime on September 4, and the new trailer is here to keep us company until then. 

Warning: This article will contain some mild spoilers from season 1 of The Boys. 

A Different Kind Of Comic Book Superhero Show

The Boys season 2 trailer cast. Image via Screen Grab.

The Boys season 1 was shocking for many reasons. It’s an R-Rated series about the reality of superhero action when there are no “good” ones. It was gory, violent, dark, and dealt with some pretty despicable topics for a genre usually associated with hopeful and idealistic subject matter. And the show was that much better for it. It was new and fresh and it helped that there was actual substance underneath that superficial shock and awe. 

Season 1 was all about how the reigning team of superheroes in the world, The Seven, were corrupt and power-hungry. After an incident that saw an innocent woman killed, her meek boyfriend Hughie (Jack Quaid) sought revenge, without having the cajones to actually achieve it. Enter Butcher (Karl Urban), who also lost someone to the corruption of The Seven. Teaming up, and adding some other ragtag members, the group of non-powered humans goes after the world’s stronger superheroes. With disastrous results on both sides. 

The Heroes Are On The Run In the Boys Season 2 Trailer

After somewhat disrupting the status quo, our heroes, the titular Boys themselves, are on the run in season 2. While the Seven still maintain their power, our “heroes” are fugitives on the run. The Boys season 2 trailer showcases just how Butcher and his team are faring, now that they are world-famous fugitives. The trailer is a fun set up to the shenanigans that the characters and show are infamous for. And for what is officially dubbed as a ‘teaser trailer’, it sets up what to expect from the new season. Somewhat. 

What The Boys Season 2 Trailer Is Missing

The Boys season 2 trailer Stormfront. Image via Screen Grab.

There are a lot of details of events from season 1 that aren’t featured in The Boys season 2 trailer. The main reveal of season 1, despite showing a world full of superheroes, was that it wasn’t natural. That storyline of how a corporation was creating superheroes from infancy is not in the trailer. Neither is the cliffhanger of season 1 that directly connected Butcher and the main antagonist Homelander (Antony Starr). Other minor subplots are also not explored in the trailer but were in the first 3 minutes released earlier. 

The Boys Shows How Superheroes Aren’t Immune To Humanity

Karl Urban. Image via Screen Grab.

There are countless variations of the superhero genre in comic books, television, and film content. Everything from found footage origin stories in Josh Trank’s Chronicle to nostalgic extravaganza with The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow. The Boys sort of redefines much of the reality around the idea of ‘realistic superheroes’. And it’s less about the struggle with morality, than about the struggle with real-world concepts like corruption, greed and the lust for power. 

The dynamic of The Boys is different from other comic book stories. The superheroes here are the villains, while the everyday guy is the victim of these God-like beings. It’s the ultimate David vs. Goliath underdog story. While the marketing of the show has to focus on the wham-bam action of it all, The Boys selling point its exploration of those deep topics within the superhero genre. 

The Boys season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on September 4. 

What did you think of The Boys season 2 trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured Image via Screen Grab.

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