The Boys Season 3: Cast Tweets Photos Before Releasing Trailer
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Boys Season 3: The Cast Tweets Photos Before Releasing The Trailer

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BY September 26, 2022

The premiere of The Boys season 3 is approaching. The series developed by Amazon has impacted the population in general, especially superhero fans. The premiere will be on June 2nd of this year, and the trailers for it are coming soon, according to statements made by executive director Eric Kripke.

The executive director stated that this season will be exhilarating and will feature crazy experiences. Kripke made the following statement “Season 3 will be f*** crazy. Even in the first episode, for its first ten minutes, there’s a scene that I won’t reveal anything about, that every time we talk about it, I cover my mouth. It’s just bananas. But we’re also going to keep digging deeper into the characters, keep exploring and moving them forward, but f***, man, there’s some crazy s*** coming.”

The Boys Season 3 Trailer is Coming Soon

The trailer for the new season will soon be available for fans. Although we have new images about the new season of the series posted on their official Twitter account, the official trailer has yet to be released. In this case, Kripke commented that the trailer for this season should be available in the next few weeks.

The executive also remarked that these plans might be altered by some incident related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some restrictions caused delays in the show’s production in the past. Despite seeing the show with good eyes and concerning the trailer, he believes the fans will go crazy.

Kripke also commented on the new season, assuring that it will be crazy on par with the first two and blow fans’ minds. It won’t happen in the course, but from the very beginning, the first chapter will be full of intensity and excitement.

Do You Need to Watch Diabolical to Understand the New Season?

Many people wonder if it is necessary to watch Diabolical before watching The Boys season 3. Both series have similarities, and the animated series might have clues for the Amazon series.

If you’re wondering that too, the answer is that it’s not necessary. Although the ending of Diabolical is connected to The Boys, the relationship, both plot-wise and character-wise, is somewhat weak. So you don’t need to watch the animated show to understand what will happen in the third season.

Diabolical official poster Image via Amazon Prime Video

Most likely, even though both stories are canon, they have different plots with different situations and characters developing in a new way.  

The Boys third season is coming, and fans can’t wait for the trailers. They are currently in production and will soon be available to the public. It is also likely that they will launch this series in June this year, and according to Kripke’s statements, it will be bananas.

To find out which emotions, plots, and novelties this series has in store for us, we will have to wait for its launch next June 2nd, 2022. Stay attentive to the latest news to prepare for its premiere. Amazon has pulled out all the stops, and it seems that they don’t have any obstacles in terms of censorship.

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