The Flash Movie Release Date Falls On Batman's Anniversary 
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The Flash Movie Release Date Falls On Batman’s Anniversary 

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BY September 26, 2022

Several movies to be released in the DC universe have been pushed back this year. The DC fandom has already enjoyed the Batman, Justice League, and Wonder Woman movies, but now they will have to wait for the next one since The Flash movie release date has changed.

After the official announcement of the new release dates, the fans are surprised to see that The Flash will be released on the same day that the first version of Michael Keaton’s Batman was released in 1989. This fact is almost ironic, as Keaton will be returning in his role of Batman for The Flash movie

Micheal Keaton Batman logo Batman. Image via Warner Bros.

Michael Keaton Returns as Batman in The Flash

Michael Keaton, who played Batman for the first time in a movie, will wear the baitsuit again. Ben Affleck will also play the same character in what he claims to be his farewell to the dark knight.

It may be contradictory for some people watching two Batmans in the same film, but The Flash draws some inspiration from the Flashpoint comic. In this comic, Barry Allen causes a parallel reality in which different versions of the DC characters coexist. 

Following the storyline from Flashpoint, both Batmans should be different. Michael Keaton would play Thomas Wayne in a universe where Bruce Wayne is dead. On the other hand, Ben Affleck would represent Bruce Wayne in the space-time we have seen in the DC universe.

Others see with good eyes that the original Batman returns to put on his cape to fight for justice. Having such an iconic actor in the new DC universe movies will appeal to the premiere. 

The Flash Movie has a New Premiere Date

The Flash, at last, has a premiere date. Firstly it was scheduled for November 4th of this year. However, the release date changed due to the pandemic, and now the premiere date is June 23rd, 2023.

Flash in Justice League Snyder cut Image via Warner Bros.

The movie will feature several well-known actors, starting with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as a version of Batman. Other actors in the film are Sasha Calle, playing Supergirl, and Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, the Flash’s love interest.

Other well-known actors will be in the movie, like Ron Livingston playing Henry Allen, Maribel Verdu as Flash’s mother, Nora Allen, and Ian Loh playing a young version of Barry Allen. The film will also feature actors Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Rudy Mancuso. However, their roles are unknown, which adds a halo of mystery to the production.

The film’s director, Andy Muschietti, stated via his Instagram account that he still has several surprises in store to impress fans. He also posted some videos from the filming of the movie. The shooting is taking place in various regions of the United Kingdom.

Despite the bad news of this delay in The Flash movie release date, the excitement keeps growing. Although the official reason for the delay is the pandemic, we must also consider the reshoots of scenes that keep the audience expectant. Will we have cameos from other DC characters? In a movie whose plot is based on the opening of a multiverse, anything can happen. May it means those Henry Cavill rumors were true?

The Flash movie debuts in theaters on June 23, 2023.

Batman is one of DC’s most iconic characters, and in this movie, we will have the appearance of two completely different versions, but highly acclaimed by fans. Now we have to wait until June 23rd of next year to see what surprises this movie brings, but it will undoubtedly be an unprecedented event in superhero movies.

Featured image via Warner Bros.

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