The Boys Season 2 Premiere Episodes Release On Amazon Prime
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The Boys Season 2 Premiere Episodes Release Early On Amazon Prime

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BY February 11, 2021

Since the show debuted last year, and it was picked up almost immediately for a second season, fans have waited patiently for the next chapter in Garth Ennis’ deconstructionist superhero saga. Well, the premiere episodes for season 2 of The Boys arrived a day early on Amazon Prime. Unlike last year, when the entire season dropped all at once, Amazon will take a more measured approach. The first three episodes are available, followed by a weekly release until the end of the season. Also, a short film about Billy Butcher will also debut on the service but is not technically an episode of the series.

Since the premiere episodes of The Boys season 2 arrived early, we’ve just taken a look at the first one. Check back this weekend for our full, spoilery review of the first episodes. For now, we’ll keep things spoiler-free, save for what they revealed in The Boys season 2 trailer. If you’ve not seen any episodes, bookmark this page and check out the first season. The second season is already an improvement on the first, as our heroes are already in the thick of it when it begins.

The Early Premiere Episodes of The Boys Season 2 Were Worth Waiting For

The Boys Season 2 Premiere Episodes Early Hughie Frenchie Billy Butcher Jack Quaid Karl Urban Image via Amazon Prime

As we mentioned in our review of the first season, for a show about super-powered people there aren’t a lot of heroes. This hasn’t changed in season 2, but at least we recognize the conflict now. The television series already made some significant departures from The Boys comic series. While they are drawing inspiration for new characters and storylines from those books, the story is a unique one. From what we’ve seen of the early season 2 premiere episodes, the Boys are going to remain consistently in trouble. In the books they had a kind of understanding with the “supes,” but in the show they are wanted fugitives. Wherever they turn for help, things only end up getting worse. This aspect of the series heightens the tension a great deal. In the books, the threat of superheroes isn’t that great. In the show, they are truly terrifying.

The highlight of the series remains Erin Moriarity’s Starlight, the one good superhero we’ve met. She has to walk the line between wanting to do good, to include working with The Boys, while maintaining her place in the public eye. Also, one of her fellow heroes knows her secret. Last season, Jessie Usher’s A-Train caught her helping the Boys, but then suffered a heart attack. If he survives, he can potentially reveal Starlight’s secret, costing our heroes their sole advantage.

As fans enjoy the early release of the premiere episodes for The Boys season 2, the next chapter is already underway. Amazon renewed the series for a third season, and we already know that Supernatural alums Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are up for parts in it.

Did you get to enjoy the early release of the premiere episodes for The Boys season 2? What did you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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