Succession star Kieran Culkin Shares a Shocking Revelation
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Succession Star Kieran Culkin Shocking Revelation About the Show

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BY January 17, 2024

Succession star Kieran Culkin surprises fans with a shocking confession about the finale. Despite being an Emmy winner and a prominent actor, the man portraying Roman Roy reveals that he is seemingly the only person in the world who hasn’t seen the last episode. This unexpected revelation adds a relatable touch to Culkin’s public persona.

Prior to the Emmy-winning moment for the Succession star at the January 15 ceremony, Kieran Culkin engaged in a conversation with Variety’s Marc Malkin about the conclusion of the show after four seasons. In the interview, Kieran startled Marc by disclosing a surprising confession: he admitted to never having watched the final episode of Succession. Alongside this revelation, he offered a completely relatable reason for his decision.

Succession Star Kieran Culkin Shocking Revelation About the Show

“I haven’t seen the last episode yet,” Kieran declared to Malkin, who was shocked by the admission.

“Wait, you haven’t seen the last episode?” Malkin responded while taken aback. “Why not?”

“It was a thing,” Kieran stated. “I had to go work in Poland right as it was going to air, and I couldn’t sign in to my HBO Max account.”

Marc appeared flabbergasted, and he even inquired why Kieran didn’t reach out to HBO to secure an advance screening of the series finale before its May 2023 premiere. In response, the actor explained that he had a lot happening at the time, which made it challenging for him to access his streaming account and arrange for an early viewing.

“I could have, but I was also shooting,” he commented. “Then I went from that to a month-long vacation. At that point, it was three months … I got two young kids. It’s really hard to find time.”

When fans caught wind of star Kieran Culkin’s surprising revelation about not having watched the final episode of Succession, social media platforms buzzed with commentary. Many expressed their amusement and disbelief, highlighting the irony of an Emmy-winning actor, central to the show’s success, not having seen its concluding chapter. The online reaction showcased a mix of humor, and curiosity. However, he shared an understanding that even those deeply involved in creating the television magic can sometimes miss out on the end result due to life’s hectic nature.

“He’s prob still in denial, like some of us,”A user shared on X (formerly referred to as Twitter). “Babe, you can be honest and say you’re not ready for closure 😭 Love him for this tbh,” another agreed. “He’s Roman Roy in real life, still this is amazing,” a different follower added.


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