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Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood Trailer Is An Alt-Historical Series About Showbiz

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BY February 11, 2021

Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood trailer is the current talk of the virtual, socially-distanced town. Netflix recently released the trailer, and people can’t get enough. The series provides a reimagining of Hollywood in the 40’s golden era of storytelling. The divergent take on real-world history is not as extreme as Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. But it’s definitely intriguing. The new series is set to premiere on Netflix on May 1. 

Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood Is Another Entry Into His TV Legacy

Ryan Murphy's Hollywood trailer AHS poster. Image via FX.

Ryan Murphy is no stranger to television, especially, highly successful television series. The man has written and co-created some of the most interesting shows of the past two decades. Almost every entry in his filmography has met success in commercial or niche markets. And what’s even more interesting, is that the genres of his shows are all over the place. Which truly speaks to his talent for telling tales in serial form. 

Murphy’s Glee was about a High School choir but was not at all childish. The show blended musicals with mature drama in a fun and enjoyable way. The show was a Netflix-style binge-watch, at a time when the concept didn’t exist. Murphy then moved onto Nip/Tuck. That show featured the high stakes plastic surgery industry, with two flawed protagonists. His biggest success, featuring his brand of storytelling , was probably American Horror Story. The anthology horror show that’s been going on for 9 seasons now. It is quite possibly the most successful anthology series of all time. 

Netflix’s Investment Into Ryan Murphy Seems To Be Paying Off

Ryan Murphy's Hollywood trailer The Politician poster. Image via Netflix.

Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood is the second release of his exclusive deal with Netflix. Many content creators are signing exclusively to develop content for streamers. But among them all, Murphy’s maybe the most expensive. The $300 million collaboration bore fruit with the Netflix Original The Politician. Starring Ben Platt and Gwenyth Paltrow in one of her best roles in years, the show was Glee meets House Of Cards. In a good way. Coincidentally, with season 2 of The Politician on the way, Murphy now promises another riveting series. 

Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood Trailer Rewrites The Industry’s Golden Era

Netflix recently released Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood trailer, and it looks incredibly interesting. The trailer starts with a shady side of Hollywood with a gas station doubling as a seedy brothel. Meanwhile, the trailer introduces us to ambitious actors aspiring to make it big in Tinsel Town. We’re then treated to how the Hollywood machine worked in those days, how movies came together. There were quirky outspoken producers, demure and beautiful women, and fast-talking hustlers. And everything is just as upbeat, simple, and sparkling as most period pieces depict. But then things take a turn. 

The changes from real-life history become clear as the trailer continues. Women are seemingly in charge of films. An African American screenwriter gets welcomed  with open arms by the studio heads. A woman of color becomes the leading lady of a prestigious project. It’s at this point in the trailer where you start to tilt your head in wonder. And then it hits you: Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood is a reimagining of historical Hollywood. It’s a Marvel Comics’ style What If episode about what could have been. 

Hollywood Is Another High Profile Show Dealing With Representation And Diversity

Ryan Murphy Hollywood trailer the cast. Image via Netflix.

Last year’s Watchmen series from HBO reinvented an existing comic book property in a new way. The series focused its story on the racial divide within America. It brought to light the country’s turbulent past, and how that past shaped present day in the series. (Ironically, Watchmen offered an homage to Murphy via it’s show-within-the-show American Hero Story.) Similarly, it seems Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood is doing the same thing, but in a very meta way. Murphy’s Hollywood seems to be asking the question—what if diversity and representation was always the norm? 

The setting of Murphy’s Hollywood looks like it’s an alternate world. Especially one where gender, race or sexual preference aren’t the basis of discrimination (most of the time). However, the last half of the Hollywood trailer does align more with historical depictions. Consequently, things take a turn for the ugly as all those issues rear their heads, complicating things that much more. It’s an interesting take that I’m now very eager to experience. The series stars Murphy’s favourites in Darren Criss, Patti LuPone, Jessica Lange, and Dylan McDermott. As well as, familiar faces in leading roles such as David Corenswet, Jim Parsons, Queen Latifah and Laura Harrier.

Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood premieres on Netflix on May 1. 

Are you excited for this alt-history take on Hollywood’s golden era? Let us know in the comments below. 


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