Loki Episode 2 Review: MCU Show Leans Into The Buddy Cop Angle
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Review: Loki’s Second Episode Leans Into The Buddy Cop Angle

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BY April 16, 2022

The premiere episode of Loki was all exposition and catch-up. In many ways, it was a retrospective about the character of Loki. Gutsy move by Marvel Studios, to make the first episode of a new series rehashing the character of Loki in the MCU thus far. But it worked wonderfully. It caught audiences, and the variant Loki from Avengers, up on spoilers from his own would-be life in the Sacred Timeline. Not to mention that we got a lot of insight into the new powers that be of the MCU, the Time Variance Authority. But we’ll discuss in this Loki episode 2 review how the new Disney Plus series hits the ground running, after all that pesky background info-dump. 

Loki Episode 2 Is Where The Story Really Starts

Loki episode 2 review study. Image via Disney Plus.

In a lot of ways, episode 1 of Loki was very much a recap. It introduced the TVA but mostly spent a lot of time with the governing rules of the setting of this new series. And then spent just as much time deconstructing the character of Loki to have him take a somewhat hero-turn. Or anti-hero. Or whatever he ends up becoming as the series progresses. By the end of the episode, having gotten a crash course on the tragedy in his life in the MCU leading up to his death in Infinity War, Loki’s changed or, at least, better informed about the man he could become. 

And our Loki episode 2 review, begins right where we left off, with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) now being an active and willing member of the TVA? Seemingly an honorary deputy, Loki is now helping Mobius (Owen Wilson) and the TVA hunt down, himself, basically. Another Loki variant is running around causing havoc in the timeline, so they need Loki’s insight into his own mind, in order to stop him. As I mentioned in the Loki episode 1 spoiler podcast, it feels very much like Hannibal Lector. 

The Adventures Of Loki And Mobius

Loki episode 2 review Buddy. Image via Disney Plus.

This is the part of the series that heavily leans into what the trailers promised; the buddy cop angle. While Mobius is the veteran cop on the force, Loki is the reluctant wild card who is roped in to help, but who is aggressively against it and potentially, has his own plans in mind. The back and forth between Wilson and Hiddleston is the charm of the show thus far. The two are already getting on each others’ nerves, and it’s brilliant to watch. 

While Mobius and the Minutemen investigate another attack by the other Loki variant, our Loki (this is going to get confusing, quick) decides to help out. But Loki’s gonna Loki, as Mobius soon discovers that the trickster God is all but cooperative. Dangling the carrot of a meeting with the Timekeepers seems to get Loki’s attention though. Although, why he’s so interested in them is still unknown. 

Loki Episode 2 Review Focuses On The Smaller Buddy Cop Movie Elements

Loki episode 2 review minutemen. Image via Disney Plus.

It’s weird but from the trailers Loki felt like a completely off-the-wall crazy timeline-bending story. But our Loki episode 1 review points out, the story feels very small and contained. And I’m feeling the same vibe, as I can’t help but focus on the smaller moments in Loki episode 2. The episode ends in an awesome cat and mouse game once Mobius and Loki finally get a bead on the bad Loki. Very much thanks to some ingenuity on the part of the good Loki, who seemingly accepts being a part of the team and the TVA. Or at least that’s what it feels like. But it’s definitely the more insular moments in the episode that stand out. 

At one point, Mobius gets a kind of dressing down by the Captain of the precinct TVA, Revonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), which is a lot more interesting than it feels on the surface. Renslayer is doing the whole police Captain speech of warning Mobius that it’s a bad idea to bring one Loki along to catch another, while Mobius defends his choices. It ends with Renslayer basically saying— that ‘any more screw-ups and it’s your head!’— I’m summarizing in my own words, obviously. But she’s a half-chewed cigar away from being the stressed-out Captain who’s had it up to here with these two!

The Relationship Building Is Strange For A Show This Epic

Renslayer. Image via Disney Plus.

This is an interesting scene as it implies a deeper and longer relationship between Mobius and Renslayer than we could imagine. The two banter as if they’ve been doing this forever. ‘Time moves differently in the TVA’, Mobius tells Loki in the first episode. So have these who known each other since, forever? Longer? Given that in the comics, Ravonna Renslayer is actually from the 40th century and was involved with Kang The Conqueror, who is himself a time traveler, it’s definitely an interesting angle. 

But these character-building moments seem so out of place for a show that deals with, potentially, the entire multiverse. It’s as personal and quiet of a show, as The Falcon And the Winter Soldier, or even WandaVision was. Which is really surprising to me, but in the best way possible. And the rule of storytelling always is, that the slower the moments in the beginning, the bigger and more outrageous the pay off in the end. Or at least, that’s what Quentin Tarantino has taught us, anyways. But given the incredibly action packed and cliffhanger ending of the episode, I might be on the right track. 

Loki episode 2 is now streaming on Disney Plus. 

What did you think about all the buddy cop parts of this new series? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Disney Plus. 

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