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Final Trailer for the Mandalorian Leans Heavily Into the Herzog Of It All

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BY February 11, 2021

For the second week in a row, a Star Wars trailer debuted during Monday Night Football on ESPN. On this time, it’s an even bigger marketing push because it promotes not just a new endeavor for Lucasfilm but also for parent company Disney. The final trailer for The Mandalorian debuted giving fans another glimpse of the secretive series from Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. The first-ever Star Wars live-action series for television, this original tale features a lot of familiar imagery but all-new characters. It’s the first foray into a Star Wars universe that doesn’t rely on Skywalkers as its narrative hook. The series’ first episode will premiere on launch day for Disney+, November 12.

Narrated with lines of dialogue delivered by none other than Werner Herzog, it sets the tone for a series featuring an adversarial central character. While most of the Star Wars films are all about hope, the marketing for The Mandalorian, including this final trailer, has a more cynical view on what life is like for those not caught up in the galaxy-changing drama we are familiar with. Using Herzog’s dialogue to narrate the trailer is a great choice. Not only is he just undeniably cool, his line delivery adds a nice sense of foreboding to the preview.

What the Final Trailer for The Mandalorian Tells Us About the Show

From the previous trailer and the scenes shown at Star Wars Celebration, we know a little bit about what the premise of the first episode will be. Pedro Pascal’s character, known only as the Mandalorian, captures some bounties and returns to Carl Weathers’ Greef Carga for more work. He is then sent to Werner Herzog’s character who offers him beskar in payment for a job. This rare metal is the stuff that his armor is made out of, in the final trailer for The Mandalorian we see why it’s so special. In two of the very quick fight scenes we see the armor take direct hits from a blaster bolt and a bladed weapon carried by a Trandoshan. Each time, the Mandalorian just brushes it off. This stuff is strong and it obviously does the job.

The final trailer for The Mandalorian also revealed some cool connections to the saga films. There was a quick flash of a ship that looked the “quad-jumper” from The Force Awakens. We also saw what appeared to be a version of the Super Battle Droids and a Separatist gunship from the prequels during a battle scene in a city. However the really important reveal might just be the people in those quick flashes of a scene. The folks dressed in the red clothing might be very important to the series.

How the Series Will Make the Mandalorian a Hero (Possibly Spoilers Territory)

The Mandalorian Final Trailer Romance Image via screengrab

We know very little about what the premise of The Mandalorian will be, but this final trailer could lend credence to a rumor circulating on spoiler message boards. If you want to go into the show totally unspoiled, bail out now and come back after November 12 to see if we were correct!

Okay, so about two-thirds through the final trailer, we see a child dressed in what looks like red robes, similar to that of the man and woman in the scene with the battle droids. An unconfirmed rumor said that the plot engine in the series is that the Mandalorian is contracted to kill a child but relents in the last minute. He and his crew, likely including Gina Carano’s Cara Dune and IG-11 (voiced by Taika Waititi), will then protect this kid from the other bounty hunters on his trail. (Including, comedian Bill Burr playing an unknown character with a fun little shoulder-blaster.) The child angle was simply just a rumor, but considering this kid gets a prominent shot in the final trailer, it makes it seem all the more likely.

What do you think? Will they turn the Mandalorian into a hero by having him save and protect a kid, or was that just a rumor? What did you think of the final trailer? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below!

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